OpenGrowth is a venture incubation and holding company, helping entrepreneurial teams build lasting companies. We take a thoughtful and focused approach to Venture creation- developing each venture with great detail and care, thereby amplifying the chances of business success and social impact.

Our ventures are done in true partnership with entrepreneurs, wherein we bring our entrepreneurial and resources to the mix. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and are keen to build winning products. Our businesses target markets and opportunities in New Media, Experiential Education, Social Impact as well as AI-powered GRC, CRM and Hub technologies.

Our portfolio includes Fuzia, eGain, MetricStream, WhoWhere, CFHI, Regalix, SecondLounge, and several other tech companies that have shaped new markets and technologies over the last two exciting decades of innovation.


We firmly believe that good businesses are built when you start with a winning product. Sales, marketing, operations, partnerships while are critical ingredients to venture success; they follow the incubation process in Phase 2.

First and foremost, we need to conceive and build an amazing product for a great market. At this stage, we help ensure a strong market-ready product, identify markets that others are not yet seeing and define a product strategy that will support in building a winning product.

We are selective in what or with whom we get involved. However, once we are committed we don't look back and remain focussed on it with our heart & soul to ensure successful venture incubation