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Gunjan Sinha

Chairman, OpenGrowth

Akriti Verma

Co-founder, Director-OpenGrowth

Priya Nath

Director, Business Operations

Global Community

We're a community of entrepreneurs, mentors and mentees who share, teach, learn and grow together.

Create true business impact

As an enthusiastic community that helps and supports people at every phase of their entrepreneurial journey. We hope to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Build strategic goals

Our expert panel of business leaders and mentors share their expertise to help entrepreneurs acquire a comprehensive perspective on their strategic goals and business models.

Scale your venture

We support innovators and risk-takers to walk that extra mile and scale their ventures. Our mentors guide entrepreneurs develop a growth mindset so that they are empowered to make the most of every opportunity and strive towards growth.

Create a happy work environment

Our mantra is “Do Good. Do Well.” We understand a venture’s goals and guide entrepreneurs to establish personal accountability while creating a successful team.

Inspiring Diverse, Inclusive & Impact-driven Entrepreneurship

A little About us

We at OpenGrowth believe in nurturing the business and the entrepreneurs who will be the industry leaders of tomorrow. Everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur if they get the environment to nurture their skills.

The company offers a thorough and strategic approach to mentoring entrepreneurs by providing holistic coaching and upskilling courses. They can learn from the diverse experience of seasoned entrepreneurs and synchronize their ideas with decisive actions.

Our focus is to work with the best practices in tech and products that make people’s life easier. That is why we exclusively work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and are keen to build user-friendly products.

The company offers a thorough and strategic approach to mentoring entrepreneurs by providing holistic mentorship and upskilling resources.

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Mentorship in entrepreneurship

It's never a good idea to walk the entrepreneurial journey alone. A budding entrepreneur should seek out guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur whose mentoring and coaching would be beneficial in their development process. OpenGrowth’s mentorship program is designed by successful entrepreneurs who know the business better than anyone else.

Our mentors provide valuable insights on how to accelerate the growth of your enterprises. Among the many other benefits of our mentoring program is the opportunity to network with expert mentors who will be pivotal for an entrepreneur's innovation, growth and success.

Take Calculated Risks

OpenGrowth abridges everything for entrepreneurs. We embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and provide exclusive assistance to overcome your challenges.

Learn With Experts

We deliver comprehensive mentoring for future industry leaders. Elevate your business model by learning from global experts with strong business expertise.

Get Specialised Mentorships

Our mentorship programs are designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business enthusiasts and knowledge seekers. Grab a chance to learn success metrics from accomplished entrepreneurs.

Learn Cohesive Skills

Inspired to start your own business? Learn the on-demand business skills and leverage your business with OpenGrowth. We encourage a growth mindset and resilience to help you become an innovative leader.

Live Sessions

Develop your skills through our targeted live mentoring sessions.


Improve your knowledge and keep yourself updated with our vast variety of resources.


Discover the opportunity to join our vibrant entrepreneurial community for insightful interactions.


Our Founding Team


Co-founder, Director-OpenGrowth

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Director, Business Operations - OpenGrowth

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