12 Habits of Highly Productive People

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Productive people seem like devices. They rarely lose focus and barely (if ever) miss a deadline. But in truth, they just realize when, where, and how they are greatly productive and they contribute to those things. Productivity isn’t a 12-step guide; it’s an emotional reflection on you and how you work and in what settings foster your ability to operate. Take these patterns and adapt them to your life. They don’t have to improve and they might not all fit and that’s OK. The question is that you’re assuming the time to evaluate your perfect environment and what you can do to accomplish that environment. Productive people are prosperous because they also know how to equalize. Working 14 hour days might make you feel efficient, but your health, emphasis, and true productivity will undergo. Give yourself time to have fun, hang out with colleagues, read a book you enjoy, or take a walk in essence. Sometimes all we require for a quick productivity improvement is a simple break from work.


Below you will find a list of tips and tricks that will help guide you to a more fulfilled life: 


Limit Technological Distractions

We live in a world that is often stimulated by electronic communication. Text messaging, the virtual worlds of social media, and mobile email capability can become significant time drains. (Trick: limit yourself to assessing your social media accounts and emails once a day to limit distractions. )


Collect Their Thoughts Instantly

For many profitable tribes, their best ideas, or what psychologists call ah-ha ‘moments,’ come at inopportune times like during training or their daily commute. Collecting those impressions will allow you to reflect on them later. (Trick: keep a pocket-sized journal in your pouch or purse for note-taking. There are apps for this, too.)


Outwork Everyone

There will always be someone stronger, faster, smarter, and more capable than you, but you’ll never be outworked. Though some may view this as counterproductive.


Identify and utilize the productivity window.

No one is at his/her best all day long. People who are on top of things know their most productive times—usually a 2-3 hour window that occurs once or twice a day—and purposely use that time to tackle the most significant tasks or the ones that require the most focus. 


Being Realistic About How Much Time Things take.

If you always overestimate how long tasks take, you’ll never be as efficient as you could be. Highly productive people find that sweet spot where they can accurately estimate how much happiness something will take, taking into account occasional breaks and inevitable intervals. 


Work Less to Achieve More

Working longer hours is not a surefire way to get more things done. Consistently working much invariably leads to a drop in productivity. The law of diminishing returns states that if you improve one input while keeping other inputs fixed, you’ll reach a point at which expansions of that input yield progressively smaller, or diminishing, increases in output. If your man (or woman) hours are your intake, constantly improving them will ultimately lead to smaller and smaller improvements in output.


Embrace Criticism

Nobody likes being booed, but they normally come from the cheap seats. Instead of giving defensive and immediately ignoring the negative opinions of others, successful people listen,?heed?those words, and use them to accumulate. (Trick: next time you’re confronted with negativity, agree and thank them for it. It will entirely demilitarize your hater.)


Always Finish Strong

No one, I repeat, NO ONE is an off-the-bat success. From Muhammad Ali to Mahatma Gandhi, all achievements have taken their bruises and lumps, and they kept lasting. No matter what happens, or whatever the outcome may be, seeing something through to the end will help you develop the resolve to continue taking chances, growing, and bettering yourself. Next time you’re in the situation of becoming your own worst attacker, remember that Trust in yourso99ooelf, keep your head down, and keep moving forward no matter what.


Maximize Down Time

There’s always something to learn or things d that need to get done. Successful people embrace this. Having a time surplus is a good indicator that your challenge is either too small or you’re not thinking big enough. (Trick: concentrate on segregating your free time – i.e. one-hour video editing practice, half-hour reading video editing book, a half-hour watching beautifully edited films of others, repeat.


Appreciate what did get done instead of stressing over what didn’t.

Like most things in life, being productive expects a good attitude. At the end of the day, looking at the bright side and selecting to see the accomplishments rather than the missteps means that you’ll feel better, sleep better, and be better prepared to be productive again tomorrow. While some of us inherently have more drive than others, I still believe highly productive people are made, not born, and can be re-made even after the life-changing event that is parenthood!



Just like skipping meals, skimping on your sleep schedule is never a good idea. Your body needs between 6 to 8 hours to be fully refreshed and ready for the day. But even more important is what can happen while you sleep. Your ever active brain often works through complex problems that stumped you throughout the day. Next time, before you go to sleep, think about a particularly difficult problem and let your brain do the work while your body rests.



It’s easy to get into your daily workflow without additional thought. Maybe you spend 45 minutes on emails and then move onto your to-do list. What if you cut that to 20 minutes, replying to the most urgent emails first, and left the others for another time? What if you answered emails when you’re waiting to catch an escape or in the five minutes of downtime between meetings? The point is, you should always be looking for ways to streamline your day, cutting out the time-suck tasks and leaving more room for the tasks that will create real growth in your business.


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