7 of the World’s Best Street Food Destinations to Visit in 2022

  • 23rd Dec'21
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We earn to spend! And is there a better way to spend money than on food?

If you answered “No”, then this one’s for you.

I know it’s Covid times, but better times are awaiting us ahead. This is to prep you up when you finally get a chance to travel.

And to remind you there’s so much more to live for!


 7 of the World’s Best Street Food Destinations that you can visit in 2022

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is known for its kebabs especially Döner Kebabs but there are so many other dishes you need to try like:




It is a circular bread with sesame seeds that you can have breakfast with some coffee.


Islak Hamburger 



Popularly known as Wet Burger is a treat for your taste buds. It’s a soft white bun with some meat(beef) patty, drenched in garlic and buttery tomato sauce. The wet part is because it’s kept under a steam box until served making it juicy.


2. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican Food is street food a blend of Indian and Spanish cuisines- Corn, Beans, and Pepper being their native foods.

Apart from the famous Tacos, you can try:




It is like a Mexican version of Indian Chaat. It’s tortilla chips topped with cucumber, cueritos, Japanese peanuts, onions mixed with Mexican sauces, spices, and some lime juice. It’s like an authentic Mexican Snack experience.





Tamal is a Mesoamerican street food dish but the Mexican version is pretty popular. It’s an exception to all the well-known saucy Mexican palettes consisting of corn masa dough with savoury or sweet filling steamed in banana leaves or corn husks.


3. Mumbai, India

I would want to call it a “Vegetarian’s Paradise”. 

There is barely any country or city having as many vegetarian options as Mumbai, more than half being vegan too! I love Mumbai- It’s a perfect place for Foodies to be, especially if you love street food vegan also has lots of variety to enjoy.



Vada Pav, probably being the most celebrated street food in Mumbai and a must-have food.

You can also try:

Pav Bhaji

Bhaji a thick vegetable curry consisting of potatoes, onions, bell peppers, peas, tomatoes with the magic of Indian spices, typically served with Pav, Indian Bread vegan most of the preferable dish.


You won’t find anything like this in the world. This is a little palette in itself with the varieties served. To concisely put it, its spicy-tangy-watery-saucy fillings on a crispy outer wrapping. To name a few Chaat- Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Paapdi Chaat, Bhel and the list goes on.


Dosa is a South- Indian dish, like a rice pancake. But when in Mumbai, you have ample of options to make it spicy and tasty. Mumbai Dosas are kind of contradictory in taste but worth trying. You can try Jini Dosa, Masala Dosa, Cheese Chilly Dosa for starters.


4. Rome, Italy

One must be living under a rock if they haven’t tried Italian food.

It goes without saying that you need to try every pizza available in Italy. Apart from the love food of almost every millennial, you can also try:




Suppli is rice balls generally filled with minced beef, peas, and mozzarella cheese or just mozzarella cheese fried with breadcrumbs. One of the beloved Romanian dishes.





You would be upset if I didn’t tell you about Romanian people’s favorite street food Pocket Pizza street dish. It’s a perfect blend of Bianca Pizza(Roman-style pizza) and a sandwich with a variety of fillings available to choose from.


5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You need to bury the healthy food or diet as far as you can if you want to eat in Rio de Janeiro.




It is typically a semi-circular or rectangular-shaped pie with a range of fillings like cheese, minced meat, and more.




It is a Brazilian Chocolate truffle, a traditional confectionery dish. If you love desserts, you have to try this.


6. Hongkong

Curry Fish Balls



This is the most iconic street food. The title itself explains the recipe.

Stinky Tofu



The name is surely stinky but the dish is delightful. This snack is a Chinese dish of fermented tofu that has a pungent odour.


7. Singapore

Laksa Noodle



Laksa is a spicy soup with wheat noodles or rice vermicelli, chicken, prawn or fish.

Hainanese Chicken Rice



It is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice garnished with cucumber and served with chilli sauce. 


To conclude, Nothing can beat the taste of Street Food.


Let us know your favourite street foods in the comments section below.


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