8 Small Things That Tell You a Lot About Someone

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We should try to be more observant in our day to day interactions. We can easily get a ton of information about people if we pay full attention to our daily life. From people's emotions and sentiments to their true character, we must know how to assess people so we can make favorable decisions about who to trust and who to stay away from. The small psychology hacks may also come in handy in dating, hiring, and making a decent first opinion about someone. so always be mindful of the small things. Human beings inherently differ from one another and this makes understanding an individual much more difficult. There are small things an individual does that end up disclosing huge things about their personality. 


Although we put various masks on our faces while introducing ourselves to others in everyday life, we cannot avoid conveying some small but crucial tips of our personality. People give us lots of information about themselves without being familiar with it but by conveying small behaviors. Being a bit more attentive and noticing patterns in people’s behavior can have a major influence on your life. The more attention you pay, the more you can encircle yourself with people who truly enhance your life.


Small Things that Tell a Lot About Someone


These 8 small things about a person can give you a peek into who someone is:


Eye Contact

While talking to another person, follow their eyes. Look inside of their eyes. Are they making eye contact? Or are they avoiding making eye contact and rather wander their eyes around? Nervous people and introverts mostly have difficulties in making eye contact they feel uneasy. However, if a person constantly is okay to make eye contact, but in a personal conversation, they avoid it, be comprehensive, it can be a sign of lying.


The Way They Treat Service Staff

The way someone deals with people who work in retail, food service, etc says pretty much everything I need to know about them. The way they treat these people tells you the means they treat people in common. Why? Because when you’re dealing with assistance staff, you’re in the ultimate position of ability. They can’t think differently with you all that much, “the customer is always right,” and they’re incentivized to be as nice to you as they probably can.


The Way They Walk

Do they stand upright or do they slouch their shoulders? Do they walk with a bit of energy in their step or do they push their feet? How rapidly do they walk? Do they appear lazy, in a rush, or moving at a pace with expectation and tolerance at the same time? Take someone like Barack Obama and see the way he walks into a room. He has this noticeable sense of dignity and you can identify it by the way he casually yet confidently struts into the atmosphere. It’s simultaneously friendly, influential, attention-grabbing, yet devoid of validation pursuing at the same time. These are some of the small things which tell a lot about a person.


How Polite They Are

People frequently point out how “polite” are you, and it’s so strange too. It’s shocking to find out how unusual it is for people to have fundamental ways. That’s why whenever you meet a person who says “please” and “thank you” frequently, you know you are dealing with someone who’s socially gifted. You can make someone’s day, reduce tension during interactions, and move through life much more effortlessly by saying those easy words.


How They Frame Their Responsibilities and Challenges

The ‘have to’ vs ‘get to’ dichotomy clarifies this well. Do you have to function on the technical aspects of your business? Or do you get to memorize important technical abilities to help your business thrive? When you hear people talk, especially about challenges and barriers, you’ll get a feeling of whether or not they view existence through a lens of victimhood or agency. The goal isn’t to become some perfect human being who never has any problems or situations worth complaining about, but relatively how you anticipate and talk about those challenges in your life. Language is influential. Many of these insights encompass language because language speaks existence into life. Even the theory of time cannot exist without language to characterize it.


How Much Time They Spend Talking About Other People

The most obvious one is gossip if they talk about other people to you when they’re not around, what are they telling about you when you’re not around? Other forms are more modest though. For example, I see a lot of people expend, what I deem, way too much time talking about the achievements of other people. They’re too capitalized in celebrities, their favorite athletes and sports clubs, T.V. shows and movies. You can enjoy these things, but some people incline to build entire personalities based on what other people do and it’s susceptible to tell when you spend sufficient time talking to them.


How They Respond in Slightly Uncomfortable Situations

It’s a low-stakes illustration, but situations like these can be a clue to how a person moves through their existence and how they’d deal with the huger things, where the social friction is tremendous. Are they inclined to be a bit uncomfortable, or will they stay quiet because it feels comfortable?


How Children and Dogs Respond to Them

I swear that teenagers have a sixth sense about people. Because their abilities for elaborate reasoning aren’t fully expanded, young kids focus on your “vibe.” They don’t base their impressions of you on what you say or how you try to come across rather, they narrow in on your facial manners and the way you hold yourself. When you’re not fully present with them, acknowledge me, they know. 


All of these laws are modest. And, the rules aren’t one hundred percent applicable all of the moment not even close. The point is to be cognizant of them and look for diagrams in the people both people you interact with routinely and the incremental data points you get from one-off interactions.

When the person steps into a room, what consequence does their existence have on others? Do the people in the room go peaceful? Does their access go unnoticed? Is the air tense or brighter and happier?

What are some of the little things that you look for? What could you have expanded to this list? What could you have eliminated from this list? All in all, we are confronted with decisions about who we will correlate with or let our children associate with daily. These subtle, small things can tell you if that someone is okay, great, or incompatible.


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