8 Steps To Avoid Draining Career Interactions

  • 24th Jun'21
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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. – HE Luccock


We all know that the projects at work get a lot easier with teamwork. Our team members, peers, seniors, superintendents, and colleagues help us retain sanity even with an overdose of workload. But there is a limit to everything. With the onset of the pandemic, the constant need to be present for office work, even when working remotely, has successfully strained your relationships at work and home. It eventually destroys your mental peace, and little things fall apart. 

When you work amicably with your peers, you generate positivity and feel satisfied with your work. Your behavior gets affected as you let the fatigue control you. It leads to fights, misunderstandings, and draining career interactions. So, before it’s too late, you should take steps to recognize the activities or events that lead you to emotional exhaustion and how your career is affected by it?


What are the Signs that Lead to Draining Interactions?



As you constantly think about the issues and disagreements with your people, it can fog your brain and inflict your belief on them.



No Self-Control

Screaming at your colleagues often over a work conversation or fighting over trivial things at home can be red flags.



Taking yourself out from virtual meetings or excusing your presence from a family gathering could show your friends and family that you hardly care.


Being “Too” Busy

You get stuck with your standard targets and barely think out of the box. The loss to garner innovation strikes, and your skills to empathize with your co-worker go for a toss.

The stress we encounter in our daily lives magnified by our responsibilities in the pandemic may easily catch hold of many of us, and we may behave as above. But as humans, we can assess and act quickly to minimize the catastrophic consequence. After all, the optimism we tame powers and inspires everyone around us.


Back on Track

Relationships build us. As we already discussed, they teach us about ourselves and help us hone our interpersonal skills. A happy workplace and a perfect home come from a blend of happy people. Here are few tips on how to fight your mental exhaustion and deal with stress effectively:


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for “Your” Space.

Be it workspace or peace of mind, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Ensure that people respect your boundaries—discipline around your work timing, the timing for meditation, rest, etc. 


me time


Phase your Work

Plan your workday so that you have time to relax and complete your targets at the same time. Let go of procrastination and overthinking. Stick to your schedule, and don’t ignore your health. When your brain commands to stop, don’t overdo.


Take Deep Breaths

Learn the art of breathing effectively. When we get too busy trying to meet deadlines, we forget to calm ourselves down. Breathing long and deep sure gives us more oxygen and helps our brain to plan better without giving in to stress.




Understand your Body Demands

Know how you feel. Address what bothers you and spend time with your loved ones to rejuvenate. When you understand your moods, you reflect a more relaxed self, get efficient in your work, and handle people better.


Take a Walk in the Open.

Nothing beats nature. When you feel stressed, get up, go out for a walk, breathe the fresh air, focus on the present, and loosen yourself. As you do that, you feel light and go back to your desk with a fresh perspective.


Take the Initiative

Whether it’s a call with the recruits, proposing fun virtual meetings, connecting with the new team member, or being the initiator. It not only gives a great impression to your co-workers but also leads you in your growth curve.


Break the Monotony

Recently, a video went viral where a teacher from Washington had found an excellent way to take virtual classes for her kindergarten students. From making animal sounds to using gestures for a Q & A session won many hearts. Likewise, try to find a fun and unorthodox way to deal with your work. 




Be Honest

Sometimes, when you work with many people over a project, you may face issues working with a few. Politely let them know that you learned a lot from them even through your disagreements. The more you are honest about the fact, the better people feel about you.


Note to Self

When you consider your colleagues and workers as your own, you barely feel indifferent. It is good to cultivate better relationships at the workplace as it gives you a better network of friends and keeps you involved in your career. The challenges at work get easily achievable when your aura has positive people in it. If you think about it, your success depends on how well you managed people around you.


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