9 Festive Makeup Looks To Try This Season

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“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” – Bobbi Brown.

Yes, the term makeup is a bit controversial because when some feel beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that inner beauty is the most important, some believe in glorifying looks. Though we cannot fight with beliefs, at least it is safe to acknowledge that makeup does make one feel good about themselves. It is a creative aspect where you can experiment with different products and become more presentable. So, why not doll up and rock the world this festive season?


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After an exhausting year of remote work, pandemic scare, and no social parties(literally!), we are ready to welcome the new year with genuine enthusiasm and killing looks. As far as I can remember, parties used to be super fun where you dress up, look your best, and enjoy yourself with family and friends. So, this article will take you back to pre-pandemic times(at least make you feel) and recreate some of the festive makeup looks you can try this season.  


Exciting Makeup Looks To Try

  • Bold and Beautiful

This look is for someone who does not like to hold back in experimenting with bold colors. Dazzle up your eyes with hues of violet and blend the eye-corners with a shimmery finish. You can go for a smokey eye look and choose your lip color in a purplish tint. Let’s not forget the masks, so ensure your lipstick is smudge-proof. Balance the whole look with a complimenting contour, and you are ready with one of the gorgeous makeup looks for Christmas.


bold makeup


  • Simple Yet Sophisticated

While we fall for the variety of innovative makeup products in the market, we really wish for a glamorous yet simple look, say the no-makeup look! So, to create the look with sophistication, all you need to know is your color. Start with a natural foundation after a good moisturizer. Apply concealer to hide dark circles, if any. While you indulge in these cosmetics, ensure you get all the hydration to look refreshing. Also, let some of your beauty peek in through the makeup (like moles and freckles) to enhance its natural aspect. Dab in some highlighter at your cheekbones and nose line and end with nude lipstick. Now that’s the festive makeup look everyone would be jealous of and wish to recreate.


glossy makep


  • Glossy and Cherry

Well, Christmas holidays are incomplete without trying out the glossy glamour as it radiates perfect holiday vibes. Start with bold false eyelashes and pair them with shimmery eyeshadow. Save the look with an extended eyeliner. Contour your face with a luminous foundation and make a cherry lip statement. A glossy and cherry look creates an upbeat outlook and also brightens the mood of everyone around.




  • Shiny Rainbow

This Christmas, do not be afraid to go beyond the norms of looking beautiful or trying out gender-neutral fashion brands. Create a classy trend with a chic outfit. Try accessorizing that pretty face with a touch of sparkles over your face. You can choose to glam it up with tiny diamonds(make it look like an eye mask) or use shiny stones in the berry-colored lip. In any way, that sums up a gorgeous look. Complete it with a hint of mascara, matching earrings, and bun the hairs up.


  • Decent Double Liner

Make it all about your eyes this Christmas and go basic with the face and lips. Choose a bright color and deck up the top and bottom lash lines. You can add extra strokes of the same color or jazz it up with the white color. Apply some shimmer at the eye corners and balance the look with a soft pink/peach lip tint. If you are a fringe person, make the hair fall to your neck or go for a side bead. Your makeup look for Christmas is sure to create a buzz in your girl gang!


  • Ethnic Ecstasy

Who doesn’t love to pair festive makeup with the right apparel and accessories? Put on that ethnic wear and toss it up with matching bangles, necklace, nose ring, and earrings. The future of fashion is in comfort and convenience. You can mix different colors to tone up the gorgeous glow and compliment with a dark red pout. Do not forget to shimmer all the way up to create that magical festive makeup look.


  • Flattery Fusion

What is a festive makeup look if you don’t mix colors to create a marvelous final look? Go retro on the hairstyle and shimmer your eye with a mix of color hues. The winged liner, spidery lashes would tone perfectly with a pale pink lip gloss. Now rock that look with your favorite holiday outfit and go on with the holiday rhythm. 


  • Casual & Cool

Well, makeup is not everyone’s cup of coffee! So, without drowning in the trend, go glam-free with a casually cool look. Using a bare minimum of face makeup, enhance the eye for a smokey eye effect or a cat-eye extension. Choose a natural brown or a nude lip shade and let your wavy hairs fall on the shoulders to make your statement.


different looks


  • Long & Luminous

This look is a go-to look for someone who loves gowns and enjoys dropping the hair without embedding it in a bun. You can choose a peacock liner and paint the inner lids with a second stroke of white color to create the magical eye effect. Play high on the highlighter-but keep a simple contour and match the look with long earrings and nude pink lipstick.


Don’t Underestimate The Mood-Board

Although the article sums up some dramatic festive makeup looks, you can always collect your favorite looks and save them on the mood board. The visuals help a lot in the recreation of the looks and experiment with color palettes. While you are at it, do not forget to take lots of selfies and keep it a memory to reminisce because this Christmas is meant to glam up and enjoy away. 


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