A Standout Customer Experience Starts With Cross-Team Collaboration

  • 9th May'22
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When you serve the customer better, they always return on your investment.” Kara Parlin.

Customers are the most integral part of every business. If you want to lead the market then you would have to focus on the needs, choices, preferences and requirements of the consumers. Increased and positive customer experience can help the company in increasing its customer revenues, retention and loyalty. There are several corporations that feel pride in prioritizing the customers, and on the other hand, there are many which fail to meet the expectations of the consumers. It is important to increase productivity and relevance among the team members. 

So the focus on multi-channel, end-to-end, frictionless customer experience is the key. By addressing the given practices you can ensure a superb experience:

  • Plan and determine how you will measure the success.

  • Gather the feedback of customers.

  • Test the feedback iteratively during the development

  • Be consistent with feedback across the entire customer journey


Cross Team Collaboration


Building the Customer Experience is Collaboration Key

Multi-channel customer experience is frequently perceived as a difficult task. It is a combination of mobile, web and chat applications. There are no touch coins like agent customer service, exposure, branding and email marketing. 

You think about how difficult it is to communicate and collaborate with product and service experience. There are several terms that are hard and create silos. You might understand how complex it is to overwhelm the level of complexity and communication. 

So we can say that no brand can succeed without the collaborative efforts of the team. To capture this level many organizations set the hierarchical levels to reduce the silos. Employees often face some prime issues like loss of independence, decision making power, and concern about smaller tasks and report to someone who was previously a peer.


How Collaboration Can be Developed ?

To have a collaborative team spirit, it is essential to form a cross-functional organizational committee that consists of the customer experience (CX). Every company appoints a customer experience ambassador to join the committee. This ambassador represents the team in committee and provides the information from the committee to their team members. 

The plus point of this approach is that people bring cross-functionality together. And the downside is the risk that just ambassadors truly immerse themselves in the CX mindset. It is a quite adaptable aspect that these committees are prevalent. Another major element is that the small team can be overwhelmed with participation in the workforce and committee. Each team member takes part in the committee and is stretched as thin as they are not available every cycle to share the information with the team. 

 Well, the collaboration is not a one day approach, as it depends upon the size of the company, team and current organizational structure. 


Cross team Collaboration


Goal of Collaboration

The prime objective of the collaboration and the reasons why the silos are so deadly is for every employee to think and act by keeping the customer and his point of view in mind. This key aspect can create awareness in the employees and can build more strong cooperation among the employees. 


Prime Factors of introducing the Collaboration

To achieve collaboration we have to follow some prime elements, these are as follows:

  • Identify the Silos: The first step of increasing team collaboration is to identify the current silos if they exist. With this, you can assess priorities across the departments and can identify the elements which create any impact on customer experience. 

  • Integrate Cross Department System: Here you can create a single source where all the team members can work together and collaborate. The same data analytical system enables a collaborative decision-making mechanism. 

  • Begin from the Top: The culture of the company starts from the top, from CEO to every employee of down rank needs to have an understanding of the importance of customer experience. 

  • Measure the Progress: you can track the progress towards customer experience goals. This allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Thus we can say that when the team breaks down the silos and builds a strong collaboration around customer experience then it improves the efficiency of the business and company. 


Cross team Collaboration


Using the customer Data as a Guide

It is the most important duty of an organization to see what is working and what is not working, this helps in improving the customer experience. Business leaders can work with enthusiasm for their products or service to resolve the key issues within their CX. 

Leveraging the customer data can help in optimizing the digital customer experience and includes several online interactions. To improve the customer experience the company should understand the positive and negative aspects of CX. To enhance the level of collaboration the departments need to be engaged with each other to have some customer data, user experience, product management, IT, e-commerce and marketing services.

Digital experience intelligence (DXI) helps in increasing the cross-departmental collaboration, by gathering the customer data from multiple digital platforms. It helps in detecting technical errors. When an issue arises, then you should prioritize teamwork and fix it. 

If the customer doesn’t provide any feedback through digital mode or does not log in to the mobile app of the retailer then DXI can narrow down the source of the issue. The analytical team can figure out why it is happening and can experience the team working to fix the issue. 

Thus it can be said that building teams and having collaboration and prioritization are the most integral and effective mechanisms to improve the customer experience. 



In this digital era, customer experience has extended to many channels like websites, mobile apps and social media. So the businesses must think according to the CX and should work to deliver a unified experience through their brands. Each digital channel should speak with the other. Thus it can be said that collaboration is the prime part of having a positive customer experience. 


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