Aditi Gupta - Woman Who Intends To Change The Stereotype

  • 4th Mar'21
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Why do you girls just speak about periods so openly?

Do you want me to pack the pads in a double bag?

You should not step into a temple when you are on your periods!!

The kitchen is also a no-entry area.

Eating pickles while you are on periods, no no, not a good idea!!

You are so unholy, why? Because you are on your periods!!

And many more sentences like this are showered upon girls when they are on their periods every month!! At some point in time, I am pretty much sure that every girl in the country must have gone through this humiliation. Periods are the most disturbing topic that is talked about globally and women in spite of shouting for respect, are not able to break the taboo. 

But the question that arises here is that Is it worth it?

No, especially in this world where people are qualified and educated, Periods should not be a stereotype or a taboo anymore. Further, It should in fact be a more consulted and most recognition made topic, so that no one could ever make a joke on a girl again who is going through those difficult 5 days of the month.

Besides, when most of the guys in the country are still commenting on girls and there are still some girls who hesitate to stand and fight against this behaviour, Aditi Gupta has done a magnificent job being a co-founder of an organization named Menstrupedia. 


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What Is Menstrupedia?


Menstrupedia is an organization that is completely dedicated to bringing awareness in society about all the myths and truths about periods. This firm not only empowers women but also notifies them about various concerns that they are facing while on periods or because of which they are getting late periods. It helps women to stay healthy and active during their periods.

Additionally, the website of this organization holds distinctive informative blogs. Some of its blogs include topics like - Period and Popular Culture, Creating Menstrual awareness through a CSR Activity, they have also published a blog involving comic illustrations that can give knowledge about periods, Why be silent about something so loud as red? and many other blogs. Also, through Menstrupedia, Aditi Gupta is aiding men in purifying their thoughts about the word period, or about the girls going through the pain every month.


Features Of This Interesting Website


Features Of The Website - Menstrupedia


Furthermore, They have also mentioned columns named LEARN and ASK on the landing page. These  are  quite fascinating pages to browse through. 

In Learn column, you can basically learn anything and everything about your menstrual cycle like 


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For Girls - 

What is puberty? 

An Introduction to the female reproductive system,

Phases of a menstrual cycle,

What is a sanitary pad?

General Hygiene measures during the period, a girl needs to follow and the list goes on.

Similarly, the column Learn also includes topics 


For Parents -

For Instance - Why is it important to have a period talk with your daughter?

Your daughter's first period - Dos and Don'ts

and many others

This website can be entitled as a valid encyclopedia on the subject of knowledge about the menstrual cycle. And if you check its youtube channel, you can see videos in many languages to make it easy to surmise in a more systematic manner.

On the other hand, In the ASK column, you can ask any question you have regarding the same topic and you will definitely receive answers to your problems very soon.

This website also accommodates a chatbox and again a contact detail column in order to provide women with a quick access centre to connect with people at this organization in case of help or query or support.

Isn't it great to have an organization available like Menstrupedia, that not only guides a girl through the periods but empowers her for further discussions or debates with society?

It is a wow platform!!

Lastly, As defined,  Menstrupedia’s major goal is to provide suitable and true information about periods and bring awareness around. And this motive of theirs is fulfilled by distinctive and creative media sources so that it doesn't turn out to be rude but it turns out to be easily defined and understood criteria.

Aditi Gupta is surely doing a great job and is genuinely a motivation for the women species around the world. 


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We should all set our feet outside and break all the barriers we women create or let the men create about being on periods. 

Thank you!! - Aditi for this great initiative that supports all the women to embrace those days of the month happily ever after.


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