Alice Moxley - Woman Who Knew How To Turn The Tide

  • 8th Mar'21
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We as individuals visualise the daily difficulties of humans around us!! The homelessness, the problem of malnutrition, safety of women, animal suffering and whatnot. But the question here arises, are we doing anything to help them, to make their lives better?

Some people are for sure making it inevitable that they aid the helpless people or animals, however, some are not very keenly interested!! 

On the other hand, Alice Moxley being a powerful woman who began with a corporation named Pivot, not only empowers the helpless but also aids them by making them learn the art of jewellery designing and also promoting the selling of the same. 


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As stated by Alice Moxley - Homelessness is a huge issue in the UK and it’s growing; according to research from Shelter, 280,000 are recorded as homeless in England, which is an increase of 23,000 since 2016. A business like Pivot offers an innovative, practical solution to the problem. Launching just before lockdown has meant that Pivot itself has had to be innovative too.



What Is Pivot?


Pivot Brand


Pivot is a development organization that enables homeless people to find focus and align their lives through the design, production and sale of jewels. 

Pivot's platform is developed to provide those who find it impossible to enter a part-time, accessible and significant workforce.

Moreover, Pivot as an organization commenced its working just before the lockdown arose. And this is why it gave this platform an altogether new outreach. 

Further, the firm was able to support more and more people and by providing them employment, Pivot has surely outshined the culture as an empowering combination.


Why Pivot Chose Jewellery As A Product To Sell?


Jewellery is very compact and lightweight and can be accomplished with little or no fire, and this all can happen only because of the nature of goods.  

Hence, Alice confirms her pride by saying that - To go from a dirty piece of metal to a beautiful set of earrings that someone wants to buy is rewarding. 

Having not worked in the fashion industry until this point, I found it fascinating to see the number of brands, campaigners and influencers such as yourself keen to champion slow fashion. There are a lot of amazing brands that are finding innovative ways to create sustainable products which are fair to workers and don’t damage the environment. Pivot is very young, but I hope that as part of a wider movement we will make pathways to changing these negative trends of poor working conditions. I think what’s been interesting with Covid as well is that there has obviously been a big move towards working from home, and perhaps this will also change the way that we produce fashion - with a greater move towards bespoke or pre-ordered items. 


About Alice Moxley


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As stated by the founder herself - “To start a business 49 days before we went into national lockdown probably wasn’t the easiest time to do this, but somehow we’ve got through and I’m looking forward to a year where our challenges might be a little more “standard”.

“I’ve always been a bit of a planner but startups in their very nature make you think on your feet a lot of the time and with a pandemic added into the mix the way we’ve been working this year has had to be very flexible.

“It’s made me realise that not being wedded to plans can be a huge advantage, and being such a small and young business, we’ve been able to be super agile in everything we do.”


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Alice was an ordinary Architectural field student. She participated in one of the social innovation programmes at the university. And there only she began tackling the approaches and modifications to help the homelessness in the UK. This mindset of her was able to get fulfilled with outrageous organizations like YMCA, Fat Macy’s catering firm and many others. 

Alice being from the background of architecture and crafters, wanted to pursue something that included dedication, creativity and precision. 

Besides, she also wanted to help people who are willing to come along and make something so beautiful that people will willingly buy.

And that's how Pivot was successfully thought of and accomplished.

Therefore, She is a great leader and also an inspiration for women who because of societal issues are not able to succeed ahead in life.

She surely acclaims that women are true go-getters and there is nothing that a woman can’t achieve.

In the end, I would like to conclude her efforts by affirming this wonderful quote by Gina Carey “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

Furthermore, that's how miracles happen!!

And that's what Alice did!!



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