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Authentic House is for those that want to transform their lives in a manner that is good and long-lasting. This medium gives the honour to do so, notably, by reducing the negative environmental effects. 

Authentic House was inspired by a plain, fluffy, coconut fibre wash brush. To find the alternative to a plastic pin was stunning, realistic and so evident. Alice saw more small products and realized that it is easier to live in an environmentally conscious structure, at least she believed it more than any of the individuals considered it to be a difficult task to adhere to. 

However, as per her thoughts, the smallest move can start a transition. And the thought alignment continued further.


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Jane Goodall beautifully states that "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

Thus, Alice decided to make a difference and she did an amazing job. She was so full of new ideas and she stood up for the biggest challenge in the world of how she can help create a healthier world while sitting at the respective homes, by using environmentally friendly products and allowing our surroundings to flourish again.


What Is an Authentic House?


Authetic House

Authentic House is an environmentally friendly online store and delivery package for those who want to preserve their world while at home. They manufacture and exchange organic home formulae and self-care items without the use of plastic. Their goal is to inspire everyone to build a place that is genuine and respectful of its traditions, the country's producers, ecosystems and subsequent generations.

Although the idea came up from a coconut plastic pin brush, yet they not only deal with some kind of random products. Instead, the list of categories is quite long. To mention a few of the headers, this subscription box includes - Baby Products, Gifts Shop, Accessories, Clothing and much more.


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About Alice Ojeda


Alice Ojeda was one of the keen subscribers of a beauty box. At first, she was fond of the surprise products that she was supposed to receive every month but slowly and steadily she understood the fact that these were all the products that were just of waste and no proper usage and purpose. And this is where the idea of Authentic House popped in her mind. 

The notion behind the idea was that her brand should reflect the authentic values that the fellow citizens want to live by.

She wanted to begin with a subscription box that had a purpose, a purpose that could encourage people to do good and even aid them in for the same job.

Now because of her, people can outrageously contribute to the environment. 

"You are the last, best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it. Or we, and all living things we cherish, are history."-Leonardo DiCaprio 



Advice From Alice Ojeda


To all the aspiring women entrepreneurs,

Adhere to the two sections of advice from one of the honourable owners of an artistic business firm - Authentic House, and see your world change. 

Firstly, She declares "I would say, just start. When you start, you begin to create your momentum. It’s that energy that is hardest to sustain at first, but which draws new ideas, opportunities and people to you. Especially in the early days, keep an eye out for programmes that can help. I received support from The Prince’s Trust, the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator and this year from Red Bull’s social innovation programme. Through these, I have two brilliant female mentors who have generously shared their ideas and experience with me in a way that has very much shaped what Authentic House is now.

And secondly, think about your purpose. I don’t think it’s enough anymore for businesses to have no purpose in the world beyond generating profits. Starting your business is your chance to create an entity that can change the norms around how we live, the way our products are produced, or that can revolutionise service to make it better or more accessible to more people. With issues such as the climate crisis, the loss of wildlife, and continuing inequality, this time is one of upheaval, but also encouraging in that there’s so much we can do to help. A purposeful business will also help you gain the support you need, and keep both you and your team inspired even through the tough times.  


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Concludingly, In today's times, Alice is a successful entrepreneur who worked hard towards a better future for Earth as a planet and augmented her victory.




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