All About Basics and Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

  • 30th Sep'21
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The pandemic has made it mandatory for us to work on our laptops and the internet. The remote working culture is completely dependent on the data stored and processed by the cloud to get the work done. 

The concept of cloud computing has taken the world by storm. According to research by Cisco, around 90 % of the data, workloads and compute instances are processed by cloud computing companies. Shockingly, according to this report, only 6 % of the data will be processed by traditional data centers in 2021. Such is the impact of technology on human lives

As we all are knowingly or unknowingly dependent on cloud services, it becomes necessary for us to understand the nuances of cloud computing concepts and terminologies. 

Let us discuss some basics of cloud computing. 


What is the cloud? 

For anyone who is not tech-savvy, the cloud is the internet. In other words, it is a delivery of computing services - storage, servers, data, analytics, software - on the internet. This keeps your data secures, gives you faster services, is economically feasible, and is always upgraded. When you learn about cloud computing, you can also know the role of AI in data storage. 

However, according to the National Institute of Standards (NIST), ‘Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand, network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources which includes networks, servers, applications, and services. All this can be rapidly released and saves time and a lot of management effort.’ 


Cloud computing , basics and benefits of cloud computing


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Now that we know what cloud is let us understand how this works. What makes cloud computing different from traditional IT hosting services is, whoever uses it, generally does not own the infrastructure that supports the programs and applications they use.

A third party owns these elements. A user only has to pay the third party for the services they have used. 


Pay how much you use 

One of the biggest advantages of using cloud computing services is that you have to pay only for the services you use. Also, you have complete access to the computing services without even contacting the third party for permission. This is a complete on-demand pay service. 



Since cloud computing services are self-services and given only on-demand, they provide quick and efficient services. Your services with cloud computing are just a few clicks away. 


Cloud computing , basics and benefits of cloud computing


Global Access 

Cloud computing services are globally accessible. They deliver the right amount of IT resources to their clients at a good speed and anywhere around the globe. 


Reliable resource 

Since the data is not stored in any hardware at the user end, you can retrieve your data safely in case of your device crashes. Storing your data with the cloud is also reliable because the chances of any information being leaked are also very nominal. 



When you avail of a cloud service, the service providers offer many policies, technologies, and perks to strengthen your security posture. This helps protect your data from potential threats. 


Why do we need cloud computing services? 

While reading this blog, you are using a cloud computing service, even if you do not realize it. While you are using the internet, you are availing one of the cloud computing services. You need them to send emails, watch videos, play music, edit documents, anything you need to do on the internet. 

However, you need cloud computing services for the following reasons: 


Store Data 

You need to save and cost-effectively protect your data. To keep your data safe and easily accessible, you can store all your data on the internet. This is where you will need cloud computing services. 



Cloud computing services are used to test and build applications. This reduces the application development time and cost. 


Stream audio-video 

Through cloud computing services, you can connect with your audiences by stealing videos on online platforms. This can be done globally and through any device. 



Using the internet has become a part of our lifestyle. Be it work or maintaining a social life, and you depend on cloud services to manage your data. 


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