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Are you longing to wear a beautiful designer dress but can't afford the price tag? Expensive clothes are no longer fantasies beyond the reach of the millennial as more and more performers are setting up shop in the online clothes rental space. There are a lot of shops available online and offline which will allow you to borrow your favourite dress on rent.


Current Market of Designer Dress Rentals


A rising priority for gaining access to designer clothing and ever-changing fashion statements are fuelling the global designer dress rental market. With an increasing emphasis on sharing rather than owning, gaining instant access to items that one craves to wear without repeating the same attire over and over again and increasing awareness about the positive environmental impacts of the sharing economy are encouraging the growth of the global online and offline designer dress for the rental market. Adoption of mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets across different countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and other parts of the globe is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to fuel the revenue growth of the global online clothing rental market over the forecast period. 

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Best Designer Dress Rental Companies


By renting instead of buying, and by lending instead of discarding, we reduce the millions of tons of textile waste produced each year and expand the life of clothing. There are a lot of dress rentals company in the market like Le Tote, Armoir, Gwynnie Bee, Glam Corner, Style Len


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Rent The Runway is one of the famous and leading companies for the Designer dress for the rental.

Inventory: Designer clothing for rent

Best For Special occasion and designer dresses

 Price Range: $30+

Rent The Runway is a popular go-to for occasion-specific renting. A vast selection of designer dress and occasion dresses from Rebecca Minkoff, Elizabeth & James, Cynthia Rowley, and hundreds of other designers start at $30. The website has user-uploaded images for each dress so you can tell how the dress suits other customers in your size/height. Rent The Runway also delivers you a backup size (just in case) and offers free shipping both ways. The company even puts up with the care of the dry cleaning.


Flyrobe is India's first and largest online fashion rental service. They offer occasion wear on rent for both men and women. Here the customers pay a certain amount to rent a specific piece of clothing for a specific period of time. The delivery and pickup of the clothes are free. Flyrobe makes money by purchasing clothes at a price that is lower than the total revenue they expect to get from renting them out.


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