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Mobile Apps

Applications (mobile apps) are the new need of today's society. We want everything to be available on our fingertip. For this, the techno lovers have got an open arena to be the first one to reach to us and fulfill the required demand. 

There are apps being developed almost everyday for several uses. But, what if the app does not work as per your plan. The solution is, try a prototype for your startup app idea. Prototyping is creating a preliminary model of your product. This model can vary in accuracy. Prototyping allows you to physically use the product and check if its functions work out as expected.

Read below to know why prototyping is important:

Why You Should Create A Prototype For Your Startup App Idea

Prototyping is an extremely useful tool to begin with I order to save your money and sure about how your idea can be executed further. Here are a few important causes why you should create a prototype to develop your startup app idea. Read more.

6 Reasons Why You Should Create Prototype for your startup

Trial and testing double your chance of success. Without a prototype, you can end up falling down an ambiguous path. Here we listed 6 important reasons for the creation of a prototype before making a startup app. Read more.

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All About Startup App Idea


App Prototyping

App prototyping is now a common and easy thing to do. There are several other apps and a technique that helps you builds your app’s prototype.

Below are the links that will tell you about some app prototyping tools:

Mobile App Design Prototyping Tools in 2019-2020

Mobile app prototype, is a depiction of how an application would flow from one screen to other. But before we begin with the list of top mobile app prototyping tools in 2019 and beyond, let us first look into the benefits that make for a good app prototyping tool. Read more.

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Validate your App

Once you are done with the prototyping, you need to validate your app idea. This is an important step that cannot be skipped. Before launching your app in the open market, validate your app idea. Check that if it fits the need of the users or not. 

Read below to know more about the process of validating your app idea:

How To Validate Your Mobile App Idea In 5 Simple Steps 

Before getting into the execution of an app startup business idea, you need to ensure your app idea is worth the time, investment, and effort needed to bring it in real, so that you don’t regret wasting precious resources. Read more.

The Simplest Way To Validate A Startup App Idea

A startup doesn't need thousands of customers to be considered a company with a validated business design. However, thousands of startup cases had tens of thousands of customers, but failed to find and validate a business version. Read more.

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How to Sell your App

The final step is finding a suitable company or market where you can sell your app idea. To reach out to the right target is yet another challenging job.

The below links will tell you about how to sell your app idea:

How to Sell an App Idea

You may get a plethora of information about selling your app ideas to big giants or clients who can welcome fresh ideas. Here we can explore the strategies or ways of selling an app ideas to businesses. Read more.


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