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  • 14th Mar'22
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The key to success is to start before you are ready. – Marie Forled

As we tap onto the internet for motivation, we tumble across very few examples of women entrepreneurs who have made their lives rewarding on their own efforts. Today we look into the life of Alyssa Nobriga, an entrepreneur, a certified life coach and a psychotherapist who is known to play many roles incredibly. An entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, she is helping leaders transform their businesses by being mindful of their decisions through her Institute of Coaching Mastery. Her programs are unique as she teaches them to connect from within and enhance personal/ professional relationships. Her energy and ideologies reflect in her work and make her one of the people's favorite coaches. She has a massive following on Instagram(about 120,000) and is committed to empowering people by simplifying the jargon of business approaches. 


Her Journey- From a Therapist To Master-Coach

Alyssa found her passion early on when she was only 12 years old. She knew she wanted to heal people but was also deeply inclined to run her own business. She studied Psychology and earned the license of a Clinical Somatic Psychotherapist from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She pursued a second master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from Santa Monica University. She has extensive training in Imago relationship therapy and certification on mindfulness therapeutic practices from the Hakomi Institute.

She was a full-time therapist, initially helping couples cope with personal relationships and lifestyles issues. She motivated businessmen and women to initiate and grow their enterprises by being conscious of their thought processes. Today she has successfully blended her degrees to her passion and is practicing as a strategy coach bringing a change in people's lives every day. As the founder and CEO of the Institute of Coaching Mastery, she transforms coaches and leaders into masterful coaches by overcoming their self-restricting beliefs.  


How Does She Do It?

We are at the brim of the technological revolution and are pacing towards life changes very quickly. There is competition everywhere, and it is necessary to integrate our work and life and approach both holistically. With about 18 years of experience, Alyssa has a deeper understanding of all this and strives to create awareness in leaders and help them achieve their dreams in a fulfilling way. She also runs women empowerment programs to help align their skills with a purpose and earn better revenue in their enterprises. 




Her journey wasn't easy at all. She herself struggled as she started her business. But with the help of a coach, her perspective changed. She started believing in her capabilities, moved out of her comfort zone, educated herself with knowledge and channeled positive energy to become her best version. Her coach's support made her pursue her passion for healing and convert it into a prospective business.


What Is Coaching Mastery?

The Institute of Coaching Mastery offers a certification program to help leaders score big in their businesses by learning the tools and techniques of effective coaching. The process is entirely different from any professional coaching, as here they start with clearing your inner blocks and limitations. There are individual sessions, group sessions, wellness retreats and transformational exercises that clarify your purpose in life. Her inside-out approach promises more clients, better turnover, more leads and soaring profits. Clients love her business programs and coaching methodology. Her extensive research on the program's curriculum has gained her popularity by transforming the lives of thousands of people worldwide and driving them towards their goals.


Her Cachet

Alyssa is a renowned writer of the Huffington Post, The Daily Love and Positively Positive. She is an entrepreneur who has been featured as an expert coach and keynote speaker on Deepak Chopra's Youtube channel. She has reverberated her thoughts and success story in several media outlets like Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. She is known to radiate love, and her podcasts help people overcome feelings of negativity and impostor syndrome. Her credibility in building her company from scratch to a seven-figure business inspires many to follow her steps. She is also committed to women empowerment and hosts events and talks on confidence, relationships and spiritual living.


institute of coaching mastery


What Do Her Clients Say?

Alyssa Nobriga is on her journey to lead people through example. Her appearance and charismatic personality generate positivity and also reflect on her feedback. Here are a few excerpts.


  1. Annette P from Philadelphia recommends Alyssa's Institute of Coaching Mastery with comments,

"Alyssa's very presence immediately sets the tone for the session: one of complete presence, awareness and authenticity. Her intuition is so spot-on, and her loving is palpable."


  1. Scott C from California says,

"She helped me connect with myself at a deeper level to align my mind, body and spirit so that they work together for me in powerful new ways. There is a spiritual basis, but she will keep you powerfully focused on the physical realities of the world in which we live."


Pearls Of Wisdom

Women are leading in every sector, and influential women in business like Alyssa Nobriga are writing history for the coming generations. Fulfilling the cause of inner calling is one thing but bringing a positive transformation in the masses by making them more conscious of their being is a different achievement altogether. Through the Institute of Coaching Mastery, Alyssa and her team contribute to a sustainable future where values stand taller than other things. Together they are empowering women through health and well-being! It's time to raise a toast to such strong women who give us a reason to look above and say, "Now, Sky is the Limit!"


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