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  • 7th Mar'21
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A thought can create a business. This stands true for our young female entrepreneur who had a simple idea to save plants. Plant Pet Club is a revolutionary service that has much better aims than just making business. It is a well-researched indoor plant subscription service designed for most urban dwellers, busy population, or beginners. With small spaces and unpredictable weather, it's very rare to be exposed to nature, hence why not bring nature to home? 



plant pet club



Generation of the Idea

A passion and love for plants, intentions to conserve greenery around, a look at the benefits of a clean environment have all led to the launch of the start-up Plant Pet Club. However, according to Anna, it is the sad story of the death of one of her friend's pet cactus that led her to create a brand that not just saves plants but also creates a better lifestyle for people.

Plant Pet Club delivers healthy plants to the doors of customers with proper tools and a care card that helps them perfectly garden their plant babies. The service is designed in a way that categorizes plants based on the need of the customer. The categories are Air Purifying, Pet- Friendly, Low- Light, Ultimate Starter Kit, and so on. They also have the Jungle Bundles for the advanced caretakers.


Proper Market Research

Anna saw a light in modern daily life. When people are getting busier and moving on from one house to another, outdoor gardening seems impractical and sometimes impossible. This is where Plant Pets come to the rescue. Also, having a pet animal is quite high maintenance whereas maintaining a plant is minimalistic.

Not just that, plants have so many benefits. Pollution control, Aesthetic presence, Natural Fragrance, Antidote for Stress are to name a few. To the ever-growing question of the Millenials of how to safeguard our environment, Anna's start-up is quite an answer. The look and feel of the house also get a new change and it connects better to nature.


Successful Endeavour

The idea that created a brand surely reaped success. Her website, reviews, and new product development strategies are proof of that. Not just creating a business plan, Anna believes in taking care of the resources involved. She focuses on developing her channels to reach more people, she shares her stories with young aspirants to encourage them to believe in their business ideas. Her blogs on how to take additional care of plants show her passion and love for her plant babies.


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Her Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

Anna believes in getting done than being perfect in your business. An idea must be well thought of, must be a solution to our problems, i.e. a well-researched plan will surely go a long way. An overnight millionaire is not something that can guarantee a successful business but passion can go long way. Creating something from scratch and inspiring people was her way of making a change. The motto should be to focus on a target market, strategize, launch, get feedback, work on it and repeat.

Anna aspires to have an established smooth running business in the near future. She also aims to try her luck in other business plans and execute them at the right time. She is a true inspiration to many women who dream of having a meaningful purpose in life.



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