Apple Faces French Antitrust Complaint over iPhone

  • 11th Nov'20
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Mobile phone agencies often keep updating their mobile operating software, Apple will also update its mobile operating software early next year to force apps to obtain opt-in consent from people to share an identifier used for ad targeting and measuring campaign performance. By doing so, Apple will make it difficult for advertising technology companies to track audiences and for content providers like publishers and game developers to sell personalized advertising.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Advertising companies and publishers in France filed a complaint with the country's competition authority against Apple, claiming that the iPhone maker's planned privacy changes are anticompetitive. 


Apple French complaints


Why is it facing so much criticism?

This change was to be introduced in September but got delayed due to criticism. If Apple will implement the change successfully, it will create potential harm to buyers and sellers of advertising. 

A survey by Tap Research indicated that 85% of consumers would opt out of tracking, making Apple's identifier effectively useless. Expert opinion on Facebook data warned that Apple's privacy protections might cause a 50% drop in revenue for its Audience Network that lets developers use Facebook's data for in-app ad targeting. The Weather Co., which operates, estimated that the change would trigger a 40% drop in the price of media placements in iPhone apps that sell ad space.

Apple has described privacy as a "fundamental human right," for years now and that's why it already had allowed customers to block tracking by changing the settings in their devices like the iPhone.

Basically, this change will give users a choice to stop device tracking after they downloaded or updated an app. Consumers who decline to give consent would block access to Apple's Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). As a result, marketers will not be able to track user activities and improve their ad targeting.


What is IDFA?

IDFA is the abbreviation for identifier for advertisers on Apple mobile devices (iPhones). It is an advertising cookie on the web that enables an advertiser to get notified when a user of a phone has taken an action like clicking on their ad or installing their app. Apple created the IDFA for ad tracking. Get to know details about IDFA. Click here.


iOS 14: How To Use Apple’s Game-Changing New iPhone Privacy Features

Apple’s iOS 14 operating system update has just been released and it brings you some exciting new features to boost your security and privacy. Here is a manual for you on how you can use these new privacy features. Click here.


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