Autonomous Freight Network: Future of Transportation

  • 8th Jan'21
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“The key to autonomous is the whole ecosystem. One of the keys to having a truly fully autonomous is vehicles talking to each other.”

Survival of the fittest is the mantra for tomorrow’s world. It’s not the biggest or the strongest who win in tomorrow’s world – it’s those who adapt. Those who adapt to new services achieve unforeseen growth. It’s high time to be prepared for digital growth, and adapt to use the unprecedented connectivity given to us.


Autonomous Freight Network: Future of Transportation


Autonomous Freight Network

The entire world is moving towards a digital-first economy that has the opportunity to change the lives of millions of people. The digital revolution could provide the opportunity to expand its role and influence in the global economy dramatically, and become a powerhouse of digital innovation.

Autonomous freight network will bring a safer and quick transportation service in this near future. The primary purpose of such a network is to build digital Proof transportation services across the world.

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The Autonomous Freight Network will roll-out in three phrases, and lays the groundwork for self-driving autonomous trucks to become commercially functional by 2024. Read more.

Click on the link to read about which company is building the world’s 1st network of self-driving delivery Trucks across the US


Driverless Vehicles

Autonomous cars could revolutionize transportation service. The step towards driverless cars is it just a chance for people to relax at the wheel. Rather it’s opportunities to revolutionise personal transport that offers life-changing benefit to people with disabilities.

Bike to make this happen, the car industry needs to be more committed to inclusive design practices that right now are widely absent. The industries have to overcome the challenges of designing in a unique wave to interact with autonomous vehicles. One way could be manufacturers drawing inspirations from diverse areas of product design to get the balance right between style and real-world user-friendliness.

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It’s expected that people travelling by driverless cars will be able to spend their time more fully - for example by working or reading, instead of wasting it focused on the road, driving. Read more.

Pros and Cons of driverless vehicles

Self-driving companies also put their vehicles through endless tests using simulated city streets. Read more.

Future of driverless vehicles

Driverless cars could also change the face of public spaces. Private cars are very, read more.


Autonomous Freight Network


Self – Driving Trucks

Self Driving trucks are also known as autonomous trucks or robot-truck which need no human driver almost like self-driving cars or driverless vehicles. 

In the near future, the transportation services use technologies in their working system with least human interactions. Various companies are testing autonomous technology in semi-trucks to bring in for human use.

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A complete guide about self-driving trucks

It's believed to be the first time an autonomous freight vehicle has made a cross-country trip, let alone a commercial delivery. Read more.

Let’s Not Get Too Excited By Self-Driving

For some of these self-driving truck tryouts, the human back-up driver is utilized to get the truck to the highway, read more.

A transition does seem to be taking place in the automotive industry as a whole. Read more.

Pros and cons of self-driving trucks

Autonomous trucks could also bring big benefits in safety. Read more.

Cost and benefits

Here, we discuss self-driving trucks worth and what benefits they will ultimately offer fleets? Read more.

Future of self-driving trucks

We can be sure of self-driving semi-trucks and employment when considering the future of self-driving. Read more.


Future: Autonomous Freight Network

The transportation industries are taking a step forward towards technological advancements. Self-driving vehicles will be seen in not so distant future. People will be more dependent on technology-based transportation service with least human interaction.

In fact, experts explain that truck drivers will perform tasks that are similar in nature to the responsibilities of first officers in the near future. Read more about the future of autonomous freight network.


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