Bad Habits You Should Avoid to Live With A Positive Mindset

  • 31st May'21
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Bad habits you should avoid 

Bad habits are practices that deteriorate your quality of life; they could be mentally, physically, or spiritually. Bad habits are the only negative point of your life that keeps you stuck and clueless. Not only that, it hampers your present and future as well. Research shows sixty-six days is the average time for a person to form a habit. It varies from 18 to 254 days for it to stick. It is not easy to change these habits because, by the time you realize that this is creating a dent in your productivity and hampering your body, mind, and soul, they are already ingrained in your system. 

It's never too if you want to change these habits and you don't need to feel bad either because most people have one of these habits. Be open about it and accept that this is a bad habit because you cannot change something if you can’t accept that something has to change.

Here are some of the bad habits you should quit living a positive life: 

1. Comparison

You will always find someone doing better than you when you start comparing. Two people's life struggles, problems, and advantages are never the same, so never compare yourself or your life with somebody else's. Continuous comparison often intensifies and turns into negative self-talk. Always remember you can not change anything by comparing yourself to others and cribbing about it. It only results in making your life more difficult and brings you misery and pain. Try using others as motivation to work harder and do better instead of comparing. 

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2. Avoiding your issues

You cannot make things right by avoiding them. Once you are in the problem stop looking back; stop looking in the past, stop seeking the negative sides and stop making excuses to avoid it because it's done and you will just make it complicated by doing so. Now, all it needs is fixing, so instead of running from your issues, face them and try finding solutions for them. 


3. Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute, or past their deadline. Some researchers define procrastination as a "form of self-regulation failure characterized by the irrational delay of tasks despite potentially negative consequences." According to researcher and speaker Piers Steel, 95 percent of us procrastinate to some degree. Procrastination is one of the main barriers blocking you from getting up, making the right decisions, and living the dream life you've thought of.

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4. Blaming others

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”– Robert Anthony

It's human nature, most of us love to play the blame game. We don't want to accept that we did something wrong because it is always easier to put blame on others and walk free from the chains of consequences. It is an excellent way to defend yourself, hide all your flaws, and keep your self-esteem high in front of others by blame-shifting. But by doing so, you can fool others, not your inner self. Inside, you know you are accountable for it and this will stop you from living a peaceful life.


5. Unhealthy routine practices

Your daily routines kick up your momentum to take charge for the day. According to research, how we spend the first three hours of the day makes or breaks us. If you’re waking up unmotivated and disgruntled, it sets a precedent for the rest of your day.

Some of the simple and effortless morning routines you can start:

  • Rise early
  • Stretch
  • Resist the phone
  • Drink water
  • Meditate
  • Have a high protein snack
  • Take a 15-minute walk


6. Dehydration

Water helps maintain the balance of body fluid and to prevent dehydration you need to drink enough water. The insides of our bodies also need cleaning and nothing cleans as well as water. The human body works well if it gets at least one and a half liters of water each day.

Whenever you feel thirsty, choose to drink water instead of soda. This simple decision will give you a host of health benefits.



7. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in physical health. For example, sleep is involved in the healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Everybody should aspire to get at least seven hours of sleep every day. You need the downtime so that your body can repair itself.

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Not getting enough sleep


8. Lack of authenticity

We often tend to follow people who are popular and loved by everyone among us, but in that process, we lose our authenticity and uniqueness. Everyone is unique and different and some qualities inside you are not there in others, so in the path of following others, don't lose yourself. The world needs your unique voice and ideas, not the one which it already has. 

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