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Many small business owners are equipped with industry knowledge and perform really better at work. They know how to do business in the right way. But business marketing is different and many struggles due to a lack of knowledge in it. That’s okay; it’s very simple to learn the strategies in business marketing to grow a career successfully.   

Currently, you can get any information from an online resource. The world is full of information, and if you wish to learn new things, it’s very easy. Business marketing is quite similar as one can learn the skills and master them. Here’s the list of the top ten online classes for small business marketing available on the sites around. Let’s explore the courses and get started today!


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The Basics

If you’re a beginner in business marketing, these courses will help you gain marketing principles. Start from the basics to understand any skills better in a short time. 


1. Their Entrepreneurial Marketing: Major Themes, The MIT

This course comprises high-quality information from the most trusted and renowned institution. Their Entrepreneurial Marketing: Major Themes course is best to understand the themes. This course is all about the major themes that every entrepreneur must know in business marketing. 


2. Introduction To Marketing, Coursera 

Coursera is a great site to learn any skills at different levels. They offer training from the world’s top universities to learn new things or old ones. The Wharton School from the University of Pennsylvania offers a virtual first year of their MBA program. 

This course offers a foundational training “Introduction to Marketing” course. You can sign up for email alerts in Coursera to join in the upcoming session. 


 3. Marketing 101, SBA

The Small Business Administration course offers a Marketing 101 primer for entrepreneurs. These courses are designed for small business owners to gear up towards success. The courses can help small business owners to know the basics and put forward their marketing plans. 

The SBA is an excellent set of information that comprises the best business strategies. Especially for those who live in the U.S. and provide the best funds for small businesses in the U.S., you can check out their course recommendations to learn more about the SBA Loans. 


4. HubSpot Academy 

One of the leading ideas in marketing is the concept of inbound marketing, or creating content these days. The concept is to attract the audience's attention to your site and create brand recognition. 

Hubspot offers the best internet marketing courses specially designed for beginners. Their complete set of eleven class courses will help you clearly understand inbound marketing.


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Internet Marketing

If you know the basics already but want to dig a little deeper into the online marketing concepts. Then, these courses will be your best pick to understand all the key levels. 


 1. Internet Marketing For Smart People, Copyblogger 

Copyblogger is the best site that offers Bplans, with interesting marketing commentary and ideas for learners. The courses also consist of a 20 part guide to internet marketing, also called Internet Marketing for Smart People. This offers almost everything that entrepreneurs need to focus on business marketing. 


2. Fundamentals Of Marketing Your Business, Alison 

Alison is a Unesco award-winning online education platform that helps people to gain more skills related to existing jobs or to find new employment. 

One of their best courses is “Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online,” which is a great place to find the best resources. It also covers the basics, but you’ll gain deeper knowledge in business marketing. 


3. The Digital Marketing Course, Google

Google is never the least when it comes to digital marketing courses. Their courses are more detailed and best for all types of learners. 

All their courses are designed for students and professors who want to gain more insights. The course structure is split into nine parts with three introductory, intermediate, or advanced levels for learners.


Specialty Areas

These specialty courses can help you understand specific concepts in niche areas of marketing. It covers all the basics and helps you to explore further topics. If you have any specific questions that are unanswered, you’ll get information in these courses. 



India’s National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, or NPTEL, is definitely a remarkable resource for students, especially if you’re looking for the best courses related to business marketing in India. 

NPTEL is an initiative of the Indian Institutes of Technology, the Indian Institute of Science, and Carnegie Mellon University. One of the best marketing courses is “Strategic Marketing: Contemporary Issues,” which is available on their site and Youtube.


2. Google Analytics Training: Using GA for actionable insights, Udemy 

Udemy offers both free and paid courses on its official site. Among that, you can find two highly rated courses free of cost. One is Google Analytics Training: Using GA for actionable insights; this course will give deep insights on Google Analytics. And it will help entrepreneurs to create the best marketing strategy for businesses.


3. Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course, Udemy 

Another best marketing course in Udemy is the “Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course,” best for small business owners. This course consists of eight lessons that majorly focus on the marketing activities for your business.    

All the above-mentioned online classes will cost you nothing. You get all the valuable information on the internet for bootstrapping your marketing strategy. Make the best out of your shoestring budget today.   


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