Ten Best Websites to Learn New Skills 

  • 3rd Jan'22
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“Once you stop learning, you start dying”- Albert Einstein. 

The internet is an immense resource for developing and learning new skills. Online education has completely changed the learning scenario. It has made learning easier and comfortable. You get information about everything you wish to know in a few seconds. E-learning has seen a boom after the SARS COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is now directly or indirectly a major part of our lives.


Websites to Learn New Skills

Are you a keen learner? Do you wish to broaden your knowledge and experience? Don’t have time to attend offline learning classes? Working on a startup? Then what about learning new skills while sitting at home? Sounds Great! Let’s know about the website that will help you to learn new skills. 


The Muse 

The website of The Muse quotes, “ Find a coach, change your life.” It is a professional, all-in-one website. The site includes job boards, company analytics, but most importantly, lots of online learning options. You can choose from a large database of trainers and opt for the training style. Coaches are also available for 30-minute Q&A sessions. 


Online learning



Work.com is the world’s leading cloud ecosystem venture. The site helps to empower innovation in sales, marketing, service, apps, and many more skills which can build your business strategy to move forward. The main motive of the site is to drive sales performance. The website has a wide range of courses for budding online entrepreneurs and the journey of solopreneurship.



Don’t like reading? Busy with work? Still, want to learn more? Then VideoJug is only for you. The site is full of video content that covers several topics.  The video content incorporates “ How to” and “As the Experts”, which will guide you to do anything in life. 


All Recipes 

Are you a foodie? Then you must be a lover of cooking too. All Recipes provides you with recipes for every dish you wish to make. The website is an unlimited manual for recipes and tips and tricks for making the dish more delicious. If you are a beginner, you can cook easily with the help of this website.


BBC Languages 

Learning more than two languages is helpful in many ways. The BBC languages site helps to learn different spoken languages online. The website also gives an insight into why to learn a new language and how to learn it. It offers courses, audios, videos, grammar, tests, and activities to understand the language better. It also has nine short sections on day-to-day topics like ordering meals, asking for directions and asking questions.


Websites to learn skills


LinkedIn Learning 

Earlier, LinkedIn Learning was known as Lynda. In 2015, LinkedIn acquired it. The website offers over 10,000 courses, including digital marketing, graphic design, content marketing, and many more. Instead of paying for one course, users pay for a membership and then choose courses they want to learn. The website offers a one-month trial to test the waters!



It is not important to learn different skills; you can even broaden your knowledge about your particular area of work. SitePoint is considered the best website for web developers looking to expand their skill set.  The users pay a monthly membership fee to get access to online books, courses, and community discussions. 



edX provides free online education from renowned universities. You can get a chance to become a student of  Harvard, Berkeley, MITs without even attending them. You can get the opportunity of learning algorithms, CSS, HTML, PHP, and many more.eDX provides valuable certification and helps you to earn university credits. You get a chance to master different subjects and advance your career.


Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free tutorials and interactive exercises. The Academy has a mission of “ Changing education for the better by providing a free, world-class education to anyone anywhere.” It also has a tool that maintains a record of the progress that the teachers monitor. 

The academy offers more than 5,000 subjects, including mathematics, economics, art, history, and many more. According to the website, it has delivered over 132,909,653 lessons.


learning new skills



FutureLearn was formed in the year 2012 by Open University. Later it was joined by The SEEK Group. Now it is jointly owned by Open University and The SEEK Group.

It is a completely free website to develop your skills. The major courses covered by the website are business and management, creative arts, law, health, digital skills, and teaching. The website offers more than 2,500 to learn online. It has more than ten million people signed worldwide.  



Technology is making the world more interesting. Learning online is considered easy and much more flexible. Online classes are much shorter than college semesters, often self-regulated and they particularly cover skill, topic, and hobbies. The above-mentioned list has the best online learning websites to develop and learn new skills. Even through them, you can grow your startup quickly. You can opt for any of them according to your wish. 


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