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BFSI stands for Banking Financial Services and Insurance, and getting a certified BFSI degree is the need of the hour. The financial sector is ever booming, and there is always something new and different. Even for people with a different domain, financial education is necessary to understand and manage their finances. However, professionals have to upgrade their tech skills somehow to have a competitive advantage in this era of digital transformation. That and the recent pandemic have escalated the process of digitization. Fortunately, there is a horde of online courses available to get the BFSI edge over others.


Resorting to Online Courses

Oblivion to the current state of the epidemic, online courses are a relief. But that’s not the only reason we have adapted to this convenience. Let’s look at the other factors that make us resort to online courses.

  1. Convenience

Today we all have busy schedules around work, family, society, etc., and they are all time-bound. Online courses let us access them in our free time and convenience. You can learn the pre-recorded lessons at any time of the day without having to show up physically.


  1. Assess the course

You can take up the course and verify at the same time its authenticity. Ever tried that? You can! So this feature helps you opt-out and rethink if you wish to look for another option. You can also read reviews about the particular course and content and decide to roll on. These online courses are more assessible than offline or hybrid learning.


  1. Free Certification

Many platforms provide a free certified course as a promotion of their website. You can quickly go through such options and add on to your certifications.


  1. Authentic Certificates

If you are an active LinkedIn member, you would see your profile flooded with your connections sharing their online certifications, oh so proudly. Well, it is a happy thing! MNCs and startups hire people based on these certificates. So do not doubt the authenticity of those certificates! However, verify the source beforehand!


  1. Relatively Reasonable

Imagine trying to get a certification from so and so college and traveling every five days a week for classes. Minimize all that cost without compromising on the quality of education with the online course. They are relatively cheaper than offline classes.


  1. Helps in growth of career

Getting a degree beyond your qualification will consider you for a raise or promote you to a better position. Online courses from legit sites help you in your career advancement.


  1. Makes you Tech-savvy

To access your courses, you have to use many platforms, software, or apps. Hence your technical skills also tend to improve with the progress of these courses.


Platforms Supporting Online Courses

Several platforms support BFSI courses digitally to increase the value of online course students. Following is a list of a few of them 

  1. Coursera

It is an online course provider affiliated with individual trainers and universities that offer courses on a wide variety of subjects. It has a user-friendly structure for students and professionals alike, from specializations to projects to degrees and courses. Employers rank it one of the top course providers and accept the certification of courses from Coursera. Following are some of the BFSI courses enlisted here: - Financial Markets, Economics of Money and Banking, Digital Transformation in Financial Services, Financial Analysis, and Modelling, etc.




  1. Udemy

Founded in 2010, this massive online course provider is famous for its short and free courses with certifications. However, many courses are chargeable at a reasonable price. For bankers, beginner courses like the credit analysis process take about 36 hours to complete. Other specializations include Investment Banking, Finance, and Accounting Fundamentals, which can help any budding professional get the concepts right.



  1. CIEL

CIEL (Centre for Investment Education and Learning) is a learning platform that offers courses focused on the investment and finance sector. It is France-based and provides basic and advanced courses on Capital Markets, Stock Broking, and Mutual Funds.


  1. Edx

Edx is an online course provider that offers free courses by top universities along with some optional certifications. Founded by Harvard and MIT and hosts about 3000 courses with 25 million learners so far. BFSI courses include topics as Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Cost Accounting, Fintech, among a range of others.


online course


The Future of Ed-Tech

BFSI online courses are well planned and great for every student or professional. The classes designed take hours to weeks, and there are modules that separate content. The platforms mentioned are a few of the many available and provide interactive tools to help ease the process of learning. From assignments to demonstrations, obtaining a certificate through online learning is no more a hectic process. Online courses, in reality, build independent learners and positively impacts the future of education.


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