Bicycle Parking Garages

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Parking Architecture 

The parking industry is shifting towards smart parking architecture. The smart parking industry continues to unfold as an increasing number of cities struggle with traffic congestion and inadequate parking availability. 

As the deployment of sensor technologies continues to be core to the development of smart parking, a wide variety of other technology inventions are also enabling more adaptable systems—including cameras, wireless communications, data analytics, induction loops, smart parking meters, and advanced algorithms.


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Bicycle Parking

Basically, bicycle parking needs a degree of security to prevent theft. Whereas, bike parking requires proper infrastructure and equipment for secure and convenient storage.

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Bicycle Parking Garage

With the advancement of technology and the entire world, now bicycle parking has also been a separate place. 

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Biggest bicycle parking garage:

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Bicycle parking garage:

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World’s biggest bicycle parking garage:

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Bike storage Solutions

The perfect storage solution basically depends on the availability of space such as garage, house, apartment or storage shed. But in general, each has different applications. Racks that let you store your bike vertically, wheels perpendicular to the wall, ideally positioned in a corner, take up the least space.

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Bike Parking Architecture 

Bike parking architecture is designed according to the needs of today’s society. Nowadays due to technological advancement architecture and designing is done accordingly for easy accessibility and usage.

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Bike parking canopy architecture:

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World's biggest bicycle parking architecture:

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