Blow-Up Bathing Suit

  • 11th May'21
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The Blow-up Bathing Suit:

Have you ever imagined yourself floating on the water and relaxing? Yes. It is possible now with this inflatable floating suit designed by a Spanish artist SiiGii. This specially designed lilo from latex enables users to lounge on a pool in the summer under the sun without getting suntanned. 

The blow-up bathing suit, titled Floating Above Limits, is part of SiiGii's broader collection S.A.D: Sun Allergy Diaries, which comprises three layouts that attempt to find ways of withstanding the artist's rare situation that makes them allergic to the sun.

The all-white design is broken up by the shape of a black bathing suit, which covers the body. According to the makers, this element "frames the body" within its bulbous pattern.


SiiGii blow up suit


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This suit has been accessorized with three Boston valves to enable the person to inflate and deflate it whenever needed. This suit which is made of latex wraps up completely around your body. It also has a head cap to protect your head from sun allergies if any. 

It also features two crucial inflatable areas around the body and behind the head which permits the body to float perfectly. 

The blow-up suit is prepared from latex sheeting that is punctuated with three Boston valves to allow the wearer to inflate and reduce themselves when needed.


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