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  • 2nd Mar'21
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Literally, Blitzscaling is a bunch of techniques for scaling up at a dizzying velocity that strikes competitors out of the water. The motive of Blitzscaling is not to go from zero to one, but from one to one billion in the least possible time.


About the Authors: Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

Blitzscaling is written by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh to aid business owners and entrepreneurs in the growth process. This book is a helping hand for every entrepreneur to grow and attain success in their field.


REID HOFFMAN is an entrepreneur and investor. In 1998, Reid Hoffman was a founding Board member and executive vice president of PayPal. In 2003, he co-founded LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking service. He was an angel investor in Facebook and Zynga, and in 2009, he became a partner at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners. Presently he serves boards of Airbnb, Apollo Fusion, Aurora, Coda, Convoy, Entrepreneur First, Gixo, Microsoft, Nauto, and Xapo, as well as not-for-profit Kiva, Endeavor, CZI Biohub and Do Something. He also hosts Masters of Scale, an original podcast series. He is the co-author of two New York Times best-selling books: The Start-Up of You and The Alliance. He is an Aspen Institute Crown Fellow, a Marshall Scholar at Oxford, and a graduate of Stanford University.

CHRIS YEH is an entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He holds two degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar. He is co-author of the New York Times bestseller The Alliance with Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha.

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About the Book

The authors of the book have the strategy that says if the goal is to grow such companies. But, the book leaves it unsurprising that companies built in this manner often impose significant externalities, both on their employees and on society at large scale.

The book drives fast growth by prioritizing pace over efficiency, even in a background of uncertainty. The book says when you blitzscale, you make judgments before knowing exactly how things will play out. You accept the risk of giving rise to mistakes and operating inefficiently, in exchange for striding faster.

Blitzscaling shows how companies can build importance for customers and shareholders in the digital age. It gives a clear inside view of how the new economy is being built and is transforming global business.

This book is apt for every business freak whether the companies have 10 employees or 10 thousand employees, blitzscaling is an essential playbook for defeating the world where speed is the only competitive goal that matters.

This can be the best book you will ever read on how to grow a company rapidly and when that is even worth trying in the first place. This book is a rare combination of fresh insights, vivid prosecutions, and actionable advice. It’s a must-read for entrepreneurs and business executives.


Have you read the Blitzscaling you lighten you fast-path and build you business yet?

What is the secret to starting and scaling massively valuable companies?

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