Book Review: Influence by Robert Cialdini

  • 5th May'21
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About the Author: Dr. Robert Cialdini 

Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his whole career studying the science of influence achieving him an international reputation as a specialist in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation. 

Dr. Cialdini got his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina and postdoctoral training from Columbia University. His books comprising, Influence: Science & Practice, are the outcomes of years of study into the reasons why people comply with requests in business settings. His most new co-authored book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive, has been on the New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Best Seller Lists.


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About the Book: 

Influence, the classic book on persuasion, illustrates the psychology of why people say "yes"—and how to apply these pieces of knowledge. Dr. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in the quickly broadening field of influence and persuasion. His thirty-five years of difficult, evidence-based research along with a three-year program of study on what moves people to shift behavior has arisen in this highly acclaimed book.

You'll understand the six universal principles, how to use them to become a skilled persuader—and how to protect yourself against them. Perfect for people in all walks of life, the principles of Influence will shift you toward profound personal change and act as a driving force for your accomplishment.

In Influence, Dr. Cialdini affirms there are six universal principles of persuasion:

  • Reciprocity
  • Scarcity
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Social proof
  • Commitment/consistency


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These principles are so influential that they generate substantial change in a broad range of circumstances. Some of these principles you are possibly aware of, while other principles of persuasion you might be discovering for the first time.

The main takeaway from Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is the strength of words. By changing how you say particular statements and ask certain questions, you can counsel a situation towards the outcome you want. Every day, we are bombed by sales ploys and deceitful methods. There are many people out there who are trying to earn a dollar. 

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion will assist you to gain a better understanding of the human mind and human behavior.

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