Brittany Rhodes: Mathematician Helping Black Girls Build Confidence In Math

  • 2nd Nov'20
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Brittany Rhodes, math tutor/coach, GED Math Instructor, and Founder of Black Girl MATHgic (BGM). Graduated with a degree in the field from Spelman, she took her love of math to help young girls overcome math anxiety.


The gender gap that exists in our society is well-documented and then we have a very wide racial gap and in the last few months, this gap results in the worldwide movement even in this pandemic. Rhodes researching academic journals about black girls and math anxiety.


Math anxiety is a real thing and affects females and people of colour more than it does the rest of the population. Girls struggle when it comes to math and science. Women struggle with a fear of math more than their male counterparts. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, that fear begins to show up in young girls as early as the second grade.


In 2016, Rhodes started tutoring maths and at that time she noticed that all of her older algebra students struggle with basic mathematics. And when your basic concepts are not clear, you are going to face problems further. Her tutoring was changing the way her students learned math, but it was not enough and she needed a different approach to helping more students learn the basics.


This idea made her the founder of Black Girl MATHgic (BGM). It is a movement dedicated to increasing math confidence, awareness, enthusiasm, identity, fluency, and persistence in children, with a focus on black girls. 


Black Girl MATHgic is a monthly subscription box service designed to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. 


Each month, subscribers receive a box containing:  


  • Profile of a black woman mathematician 


  • Math activity booklet chock full of foundational, real-world math lessons and activities - written by math experts, based on the box theme and each box has a different theme


  • Caring Adult Guide to help you help her maximize your box experience


  • 3-5 items to bring the theme to life (includes one Screen-Free activity or manipulative, such as a book, learning tool or math game, theme-based, kid-friendly items, and custom themed stickers)


  • High-quality math education experience that makes math relatable and relevant


The company’s mission is to help girls succeed in class today and in society tomorrow.


Read more about Brittany Rhodes and her journey of becoming the founder of the Black Girl MATHgic:


Checkout Black Girl MATHgic official website to know about it in detail:


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