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  • 8th Apr'20
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Communication is central to all meaningful collaboration and teamwork. Communication keeps a whole organization moving.

The changing technology is bringing a change in the workplace by making a focus on communication. It is becoming important for team members to clearly know what their fellow team members are up to, their ideas and their plans to carry forward the project. The managers and leads or an entrepreneur should know what their team is doing and assign or delegate work accordingly.

Every team requires a reliable and efficient channel on which they can communicate. In the era of technological advancements the new working model such as virtual teams, also requires a digital transformation in terms of communication. Furthermore, to satiate the needs of a need and project collaboration tools and the communication channels comes as a big relief. Business Channels will enable you to do so i.e. to streamline communication between your team members. They can exchange messages about the tasks and all relevant information can be shared in the same place. This will supersede the traditional approach of writing emails and having multiple threads on the same topic.


OpenGrowth Hub Business Channel:


You can watch your team spirits grow with better communication with OpenGrowth Hub Business Channel.
You can create a Business Channel for your team or for a particular project. Invite team members who are required for that channel only.

The channel can be private or public. In the private channel, only members who belong to that channel can view the channel and post messages or media on it.
The Public channels can be viewed by everyone on the platform and they will be able to add comments or media on the forum.



Steps to Create new Business Channel on Hub:




A channel will get created under Business Channel



You can view details by clicking on the details icon. The star icon will enable the business channel to list under the Starred channel list.


If you want to ask a question or post something you can just write it on the text box provided and submit. Files, Images, and Hyperlinks can be also added easily.


If a user wants to reply to a particular post he can hover over the post and a chat symbol will appear. Clicking on the symbol opens a text box in which you can respond/add your comments.


You can Delete your post by clicking on the delete option


You can pin a message by clicking on the pin option


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