Can Renaming a Fairness Cream Stop Colourism?

  • 28th Oct'20
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Why Do We Want Fairness?

India is one of the largest markets of skin fairness products. In the previous financial year, the Indian fairness creams market was of Rs. 5,000 Crores alone. Why do we need fairness cream? Why does skin color bother us so much? Why is a fairness cream in the monthly grocery list of every house?

The answer to every question is that our mind is stuffed with thoughts that a fair skin person is one who can be successful. Ponds, Nivea, Oriflame, Olay, Unilever, and several other multinational companies have played a major role in injecting this mentality in our society. 




Will a name change help?

After the latest trend of #blacklifematters in the US, these fairness cream companies have now started taking their steps back. The united protest of people from every corner of the world has forced a big change in the fairness cream business.


To know about Black Life Matters Protest in the US, read:

The names most associated with Black Lives Matter are not its leaders but the victims who have drawn attention to the massive issues of racism this country grapples with, Click here.


It's still fairness cream no matter what they call it

Recently, HUL’s Fair & Lovely has announced to change its name to Glow & Lovely. But, does this change in name matters now? The age-long notion and USP that they were carrying and promoting innovative makeup products, will it all be washed off by this name change?  The important question is - is a name change enough to change perceptions about skin color that have been held and perpetuated over centuries?  In recent years, campaigns such as Dark is Beautiful and #unfairandlovely have questioned Indian's obsession with fair skin. Increasingly, urban-educated women on social media have called out Bollywood stars and popular beauty pageants for promoting colorism.


Read at the below link to know if a name change can help the fairness cream business:

Extensively for promoting colorism and making girls with darker shades feel insecure and inadequate. Click here.


The company has announced to change its name, but not its composition. It will remain the same “Fairness” cream. This step is just an elusive layer, to convince the consumers. 


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