Carbon Labeling Comes to Food Menus

  • 5th Apr'21
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As the link between climate change and the global food system has become apparent, consumers are more aware of the environmental impacts of their food purchases. Companies have responded with plans to put carbon labels on their products to show total measured greenhouse gas emissions related with the product.

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Carbon Labels Are Finally Coming To The Food And Beverage Industry

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Carbon Labels on Food Products

Recently, there has been a rebirth in the carbon labeling movement as several large companies have declared their own plans with carbon labels. Quorn claims to be the first meat-free food manufacturer to inaugurate carbon labels on its products and have their emission charts verified by Carbon Trust. Unilever, the multinational company, declared its plan to keep track and communicate the carbon footprint of its goods and services as part of their broader objective to fight climate change.

Nestlé, the multinational food and drink corporation, is also reportedly assessing carbon labels. Just Salad intends to become the first U.S. restaurant chain to carbon label its menu by Climate Week, which begins September 21st, 2020. In fashion, eco footwear brand Allbirds has inaugurated a carbon counter for every shoe in its sneaker collection, which will be shown online.

Today’s food labels already provide consumers with a lot of significant information about ingredients, health advantages, allergens, storage and utilization. By putting in carbon labels, consumers will also be able to recognize the impact their food choices have on our climate. This ambition will support the transition to a more sustainable food system, using full exposure and transparency as a key motivator for sustainable food options.

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