Christen Dali – Promoting Wellbeing without Compromising Busy Lifestyle

  • 5th Mar'21
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Christen Dali

Christen Dali is the Co-founder of CBD coffee brand My Lifeline. She is originally from Belgium. Before starting her coffee brand, she worked in corporate banking, and her job now consists of acquiring customers for a phenomenal HR platform.

As she wanted to give productivity and self-care more equal weights and promote wellbeing without compromising busy lifestyles, that’s when the idea of CBD coffee came. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of over 100 phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is a non-intoxicating compound that has several therapeutic benefits for the mind and body.


About CBD coffee brand My Lifeline

My Lifeline is a CBD coffee brand with a collection of premium CBD coffee that has been carefully grown, manufactured, and distributed across the UK. The products are produced naturally from organic hemp plants without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, these products are vegan-friendly, sugar-free, and come in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. 

This brand of ready-to-drink premium organic cold brew coffees started in London in 2019, and in May 2020 the products were launched at Planet Organic stores. Now, the products are available online and at various independent shops across London as well.

Living in London for 10 years, Dali has always loved being incredibly busy, synonymous with living, achieving, and being happy. One day while having a series of medical investigations, she realised that living at 100 miles an hour was perhaps not worth endangering her wellbeing. So, she started looking for a solution that will keep her healthy to keep enjoying her busy life. This was the first time that Christen was paying attention to her physical and mental health.

While looking for the option. She discovered CBD in 2018 and got to know the benefits of it. She experimented by adding it with her favourite drink, coffee, and it worked. That’s how Lifeline was born.

The lifeline products are perfectly blended with natural ingredients, including organic, high-quality full-spectrum CBD, Arabica coffee, coconut, vanilla, cardamom, among others. These products are healthy, vegan, and free from artificial fragrances.


Her Success Mantra

When sharing her success secret Christen explains that like others she also used to get sad by seeing all that others had accomplished. But, she keeps reminding herself that “compare yourself to who you were yesterday rather than who someone else is today”-- a rule for life by Jordan B Peterson.

She advises to start small and take baby steps towards your goals every day. Nobody gets everything overnight, and this is what helped her achieve success.


Empowering Women

In the UK there is only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs is female, and it's not that they do not want to do anything or lack ability or ambition. But it is because of the challenges they have to face. Some of the key issues that stop them include lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, lack of knowledge around finance and tax, and access to relatable role-models.

My Lifeline is working with Xero, TSB, UPS, and O2 Business to address these issues which are stopping women from starting a business.


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