Cloud Management Features Makes Cloud Computing Effective

  • 22nd Oct'21
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Cloud computing is an internet-based software application that is used to store data on remote servers. The data in a cloud computing system can vary from emails, applications, images, and multimedia. Today there are various cloud computing service providers that allow users to store their data and have access to it all the time. Moreover, the benefits of cloud computing go beyond data storage. Cloud computing also provides the ease of accessibility, cost management, and prevention of data loss. However, the effectiveness and economics of cloud computing services depend heavily on the management in cloud computing.


Cloud Computing


Cloud Management

The management in cloud computing systems is primarily known as cloud management. Cloud management refers to the administration of cloud computing software to maximize its efficiency across one or more cloud computing services. Furthermore, cloud management can help any cloud service provider to achieve:


  • Workflow Automation: It is the process of cloud management without any human intervention.

  • Self Service: It provides flexibility to cloud managers to access or create cloud resources while monitoring the usage and cost of the cloud computing application.

  • Cloud Analysis: It allows cloud managers to keep track of the user experiences and cloud workloads.


For effective management in cloud computing, it is essential to have a competent IT professional or cloud manager. Also, the individual must possess the proper knowledge of the various cloud tools and practices following the set goals of the cloud computing business. Furthermore, management and cloud computing should work together to ensure the business reap several benefits of cloud management required to meet the business goals.


Cloud Management


Must-Have Cloud Management Features to Work Effectively

Following are the six must-have cloud management features to ensure it works effectively for any cloud computing-based system.


Simplifying Complexity

For every cloud computing system, architectural infrastructure is essential because of the flexibility it gets from it. As a result, IaaS has become a massive hit in cloud computing since it allows many things such as operating systems, databases, application frameworks, and even a laundry list of several other attributes. Furthermore, users can moderate the complexity of their preferences by altering configurations, boot sequences, and cron jobs.


Managing Multiple Clouds

One of the things cloud users mainly look for in a cloud computing service is true interoperability. They want to be a part of an environment where they can run the same application across cloud types such as private and public clouds without altering the underlying code or configuration. Apart from cloud API compatibility, true interoperability further allows handling different behaviors across different cloud providers. An enterprise must understand that its cloud computing system won’t cut through simple API translation tools for various users. Therefore, the cloud management platform must have this multi-cloud future with the help of interoperability across multiple IaaS cloud providers.


Application Lifecycle Support

When it comes to cloud management in a cloud computing system, managing an application goes beyond the process of launching an application. Any application involves various life events such as updating code, capacity management, optimization, patching security vulnerabilities, failover, and backups. Also, capable cloud management must allow auto-scaling, configuration management, disaster recovery tools, alerts, and monitoring to ensure the cloud applications performs optimally without service interruptions.



In a large cloud computing environment, data and tasks can become repetitive. As a result, the managing application can lead to many complexities and confusion if done manually. However, the cloud computing system can reach its potential capacity if the applications are programmed to function automatically with server or push codes. Application infrastructure is an integral part of cloud management, and they are coded via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Furthermore, setting up an automated application reduces the overall burden and resources and enables better orchestration of the entire cloud computing environment.


Managing and Controlling Costs

When it comes to cloud infrastructure applications, IaaS is easily consumed. Furthermore, tracking whether the consumption stays within the limit becomes difficult. Besides, IaaS is charged per hour, which can increase the cloud pricing beyond their anticipation. Therefore, effective cloud management becomes extremely critical to manage and control budgets and provide cost forecasting and reporting.


Look into the Future

One of the essential features of cloud management is the innovation in IaaS. The IaaS market is constantly receiving upgrades from Amazon, Rackspace, OpenStack, and even CloudStack. Also, there is Windows Azure and Google who are making waves in IaaS. It has enabled users to shift through the menu of services provided by a cloud computing service provider. Therefore, it becomes more important to use cloud management to harness and verify through various IaaS available continuously and stay up to date.


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