Contactless Parking Solution

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The year 2020 has taught us several new things. From living an isolated life to practising physical distancing, we have inculcated all these as our basic life routine. It is now very commonly seen that people avoid touching each other or even anything that is exposed to open air. The new lifestyle can simply be termed as "Contactless”.


Contactless Parking System

In this race of saving lives, technology is nowhere far from the medical world. Techno-solutions are entering our life to help us survive better. With different unnamed inventions and ideas, there has also come an initiative of Contactless Parking System.


Contactless Parking Solution


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Read below know exactly about Contactless parking system:

Park+ introduces QR-based contactless parking solution as India prepares for ‘Unlock’ phase

Smart parking solutions coming over during pandemic. Park+, a tech-driven social distancing solution for parking at malls. Park+ contactless parking solution for malls will work in the interest of social distancing, along with digital payment system. Read more.

Comvision launches India’s First contactless parking solution

Covid has trained us to be contactless. Here is how this company grabbed an opportunity in the trying times. Comvision (India) Pvt. Ltd. has developed India’s First 100% contactless Parking solution integrated with Fastag. Discover more about the story of the smart parking solution provider journey. Read more.


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Public places across the world have been suffering from the problem of a proper car park management system. On weekends or special holidays, the streets near parks, cinema halls, malls, pubs witness a heavy traffic jam and that’s all because of unmanaged parking.

In order to curb this problem, Automated Car Park Management System was started. To know what it is and how it works, read:

Fully automated parking system function like robotic valet parking. The automated APS, being more sophisticated, obtains the dimensions of cars and finds a suitable place for it. Read more.


Smart City Car Parking

Smart City Car Parking is another innovative initiative towards a successful car park management system. Smart parking unites technologies such as detection sensors, smart parking meters, smart payment for parking, license plate recognition, navigation apps for parking guidance, cameras with an automated vehicle and digital signage. Apart from delivering an end-to-end solution to users, a complete smart parking system enables parking operators to monitor parking occupancy rates in real-time – remotely and automatically.


Read more about Smart City Car Parking below:

Councils & municipalities – becoming smart cities

Councils & municipalities – becoming smart cities: Smart Parking has been evolving the parking operation system and increasing funding to the government, later that can be utilised for infrastructure amenities for the people. Read more.

Smart Parking makes way Smart City

How Contactless Parking Makes Way for developing Cities: The Road to a Smart City Begins with Smart Parking. Streetline Inc has always been focused on providing technology solutions to make smart cities a reality. Read more.


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