Crocs to Introduce Bio-Based Material Croslite Footwear

  • 15th Nov'21
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“Better Environment, Better tomorrow” - Anonymous 

We have read this quote many times but are we implementing it in our lives? It is understood that industrialization is the biggest cause of environmental degradation. In concern for the future, many companies are trying to reduce pollution by taking some major steps. Crocs, a footwear company, is one among the lot. 

From being donned on the red carpet to wearing daily, Crocs manufacture shoes that are the new trend this season. Crocs is recognized as a company that plays an important role in creating a world where everyone is comfortable in their shoes. 

For the people who don’t know about Crocs, It is an America-based casual footwear company. The footwear of the company can be found across the globe with more than 120 distinct varieties for all age groups. The company offers lightweight, comfortable footwear for every season and occasion.


What is Crocs doing?

Crocs took a pledge to become a net-zero brand by 2030 with a target to reduce fifty percent of the carbon footprints per pair of crocs shoes. Therefore to achieve the target the company has introduced its new collection of bio-based Croslite material into product lines. 

Crocs took the step in collaboration with Dow, a global material science company. The new footwear is made from byproducts or sustainable waste. The waste is transformed by using the Ecolibrium Technology. By this initiative, Crocs became the first footwear brand to use this technology in the market.


Crocs new material footwear


What is Croslite?

The company makes shoes that are made from an exclusively closed-cell resin material called Croslite. If you are thinking Croslite is rubber or plastic, then you are wrong! Croslite is made from the composition of polymers and the polymers are made out of Crude oil.

The material used is soft and provides comfort. It claims to be non-toxic, environment friendly and helps in resisting odor and bacterial growth. Talking further about Croslite, it is used because the material makes the footwear very light-weighted and needs low maintenance. Thus, it can just be washed with water and soap, making it more comfortable and user-friendly.


Why use Croslite Material? 

Consumers are advised to keep the Crocs at cool places because high temperatures can cause to the shoe. It doesn’t affect its benefits though. Here are some reasons that made Crocs choose croslite material for their product line.

  • The material makes the shoes super light
  • It is slip resistance 
  • It is recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • Antibacterial and odor resistant
  • UV -resistant 
  • Comfortable 


Crocs footwear


What did Authorities say? 

Andrew Rees, CEO of Crocs stated, “By starting with our iconic product, backed by a first to market solution, we are taking a bold step forward to create lower carbon footprint footwear while making it inherently simple for our partners and consumers to join us on our journey to net-zero”

The company also added it is currently exploring sustainable alternatives for its packaging and ways of extending the life span of its clogs. Through their initiatives such as consumer-led donations, recycling, and e-commerce programs. The brand is also in the process of transitioning renewable sound energy in its distribution.

According to the brand’s announcement in July 2021, their products already have a low carbon footprint of around 3.94 Kg CO2 eq. per pair. Moreover, the new bio-based croslite is expected to help in this even further. 


List of Brands with Environment Initiatives 

Like Crocs, many companies are shifting their priorities from cost to becoming environmentally aware. The companies are working with the desire to become more eco-friendly with go-green initiatives.


Here we have a list of Brands working towards environment



Disney has made everyone’s childhood awesome. It is working on the indirect greenhouse gas emission through the reduction of electrical consumption. It is also using technology that saves water and is also working on lowering the footprint of its manufacturing and distribution. 


Johnson and Johnson 

Johnson and Johnson is the leading company manufacturing personal care products that are environment-friendly. It has been more than twenty years that the company has successfully worked for waste reduction by making sustainable products. 



The Brand has many times highlighted the value of a green environment through its advertisements. Nike is among the foremost companies that came forward in putting the go-green ideas into practice. Also, Nike has developed and implemented written environment policies in fifty-two countries.



Google is termed the world’s most forward-thinking company. The brand has its demonstrations of going green through the initiatives with renewable energy sources, hosting farmers’ markets, and bringing goats to trim the grass. Moreover, the company has placed an environment-friendly aware corporate culture.


Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP has made plans to reduce the emission of toxic substances. The brand has a program to ensure that waste does not end up on the land. It has also taken responsibility for the advertisement campaign to promote a green environment.



According to a survey, ninety percent of the population in the United States owns an iPhone. The company that started from a garage is now the most influential brand in the world. In 2015, it signed a one billion dollar deal with First Solar company to power its stores, offices, data center, and headquarters. Apple has also introduced its sustainable sneakers.

The company timely takes big steps to save the environment, sometimes by removing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC’s) from the power cords and headphones or by renewing programs of recycling. 



The World is exciting us with new trends and technologies every day, be it fancy cars, innovative products, or robots. But for every front foot, there is a backstep. Which is, unfortunately, making the environment victim of progress. Therefore, influential brands need to come forward with the resolution to save the environment with technologies and development. 


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