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A Dining Experience 

A good dining experience is a special and unusual moment in which even a small desire is fulfilled under any circumstance and that allows you to enjoy fresh food in harmony with my body and soul.

People like to have a dining experience that is amazing and includes a great location, the right mood, the best character and the right essence. The factors that affect the restaurant's ambience include decor, comfortable seating, background music, openness, and lighting. This brings about a perfect dine in experience.


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Experience Based Dining

In the world influenced by technology and trends, a remarkable experience is becoming more of a necessity than a nicety. Experience doesn’t have to mean letting your guests marvel at fire-flame throwers or hiring a Mariachi band. It can be as simple as giving the right lighting, music, and decor to really make it worth remembering.

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Trends in experience based dining:

These are one-time dining experiences which may highlight a particular aspect of the meal. To know about the trends in Experiential dining that are revolutionising fine dining, Click here

Social trends in dining:

Dining experience is all about connection and social trends, Read more

Dining experience in India:

You can now find one of a kind virtual dining experience here in Mumbai, India - Click here


Unique Dining Experience 

The advancement of technology and new trends across the globe have led to the popularity of different and unique dining experiences. A variety of unique trends have been observed according to the needs and desires of the population.

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Dining experiences from the world:

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Unusual dining ideas from all over the globe:

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Dining experiences that are unique:

Here are 35 unique dining experiences that you will simply wonder at, Know more


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Sky Dining Capsule

The sky dining capsule was an idea of two of India’s most recognised Adventurists. A brainstorming idea of eating great food at the height of 150 feet high among the clouds struck their mind and thus came up with the concept of the sky dining capsule.



The sky dining capsule structure is a high grade metal frame platform that has the capacity to see 24 people around the table. The capsule is secured by aircraft standard safety belts on comfortable seats which can rotate a complete 180°.

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Sky dining in Singapore:

There is premium cable car sky dining available in Singapore. To know more, Click here 

Sky dining in India:

FlyDining is a lavish and luxurious experience combining fine dining and and adventure. To read more, Click here

Sky dining options:

Thinking of going for a sky dining experience in India ? Here is something that can help you - Click here


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