Do You Know About Remote-Controlled Robots Servers?

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What are the Remote-Controlled Robots?

A robot is teleoperated by any transmitting device, which in most cases is remote. These robots are referred to as remote-controlled robots. There is a direct interaction between the human and the robot here. And mostly, humans have complete control over the robot's actions.


Read more about the benefits of remote-controlled robots here:

Top 5 benefits of remote-controlled robots

Remote controlled robot demolition is an innovative technology the experts have developed over time to ensure efficient and safe demolition in any delicate or restricted spaces. They are a plethora of other benefits that make them the best choice over traditional demolition techniques. Read more, click here.


Robots in restaurants

Machines and technology have not left any of the spheres untouched. We can see and experience the dominance of technology all around. Robot servers are the new introduction in restaurants in India as well as other countries. The servers of restaurants and hotels are replaced by remote-controlled robots.


Read the below links to more about robot servers in restaurants:

Meet these robot waiters

Do you want to wine and dine and witness the unpacking of sci-fi elements before your very eyes? Head to these restaurants in India where robots wait on tables, giving a futuristic spin to the whole dining out experience. Explore the whole article, click here.

Kerala restaurant has robot servers and entertainers for customers

Aleena, Helen and Jane, the ‘unconventional waitresses’ will be serving the customers in the restaurant. These robots will attend to the table as per direction. Read more, click here.


Coronavirus Pandemic and Restaurants

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought unexpected and unimaginable changes in every corner of the lifestyle. From food habits to traveling; from imparting education to consulting doctors; from grocery shopping to hiring an employee, the style has completely changed. The way we used to live our lives 10 months back, can not be easily retained.

Some of the prominent changes in our lives after the coronavirus pandemic, that will last long are:

1. Social Distancing

2. Use of mask and sanitizer

3. Less or no consumption of street foods

With these changes, there hashas also been the introduction of robots toto maintain less human-to-human contact. These robots are remotely controlled. The instructions and directions are given by humans but the final job is done by these remote-controlled robots. The robots as servers in restaurants were in practice before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing becoming a “must be followed” norm.


Here are some of the countries which introduced robot servers in their restaurant post coronavirus pandemic:

A restaurant in the Netherlands is using robot waiters for social distancing

A restaurant in the Netherlands has introduced new robot waiters as a way to reduce human-to-human contact in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Greet customers, serve food and pick up used dishes from diners’ tables at the Royal Palace restaurant in the town of Renesse, read full story, click here.

Mass production of a self-driving restaurant robot is coming

Bear Robotics has received a Series A investment of $32 million and has plans to mass-produce its self-driving restaurant robot called Penny. The robot works as a food runner and can deliver items to a table. Read more, click here.

Robot waiters deployed in Dutch restaurants for the contactless experience

Each robot has a simple humanoid figure, including arms to hold serving trays. Simple displays on their faces shows a smile, or occasionally a frown. Discover more on this, click here.


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