Do You Know About Robotic Guide Dogs?

  • 5th Mar'21
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Robotic Guide Dogs

In the coming years, a project will be started to explore how guide dogs respond to self-reliant delivery robots. It will be laying the foundation for widespread use of the technology shortly.

The UK charity Guide Dogs and autonomous delivery robot company Starship Technologies conducted a pilot study. The study involves guide dogs who were accompanied by their owners or trainers on regular day-to-day activities, where they encountered Starship delivery robots along the way.

The study involved the dogs meeting the robots coming towards them from both the front and rear, being overtaken by or overtaking the robot, or confronting each other at a road crossing. The dogs’ responses were scrutinized, with the project coordinators keeping an eye out for any behavior that may reflect a need for further training in guide dogs as these robots become broader.

Thus, after the complete study, the result was positive. All of the dogs reacted calmly to their robotic encounters, with most opting to stop before the robot approached them. None reacted in a negative wathe y that could pose a certain issue.


Guide Dogs


Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are assistance dogs drilled to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles. Although dogs can be trained to navigate several obstacles, they are red-green colorblind and incapable of inferring street signs.

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Mobility Device

There are several portables and a concealable handheld device that guides users through outdoor environments and large indoor voids with very little input. Using a special control moment gyroscope device that moves users' hands and physically leads them. Such a device is quite similar to a guide dog.

Mobility Device

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Future Technology 

In this tech-savvy society, everything is switching over technological products and services. Robotic guide dogs are also switching over to technological advancement.

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