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Social Distancing: A New Normal

While everyone is hoping and praying for the coronavirus pandemic to leave soon and normalcy to return in everyday lives, But, it’s high time to realize that things won’t go back to normal anytime soon. Social distancing which everyone is practicing to curb the spread of the virus will be the new normal in the times to come.

The world will change post this. The world needs to change, people need to introspect and be grateful for what they have. We need to be better human beings; more considerate, respect each other no matter who they are, where they come from.

Social distancing is now a part of our lives, even when the pandemic ends. The environment shouldn’t be taken for granted anymore. People should adopt a sustainable way of life while being more conscious and aware. This entire situation should be taken as an opportunity to restart and do something better to build a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Social Distancing and Startups


Social Distancing and Startups

Every sector of life has adopted a new way of living. But, startup industries suffered the most. They need to start the whole thing in a better and more innovative way to each a large population. They had to come out with the best possible way to fight the pandemic and fulfill the needs and desires of their customers.

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European startups preparing for social distancing

There are a number of innovative European startups that have been working on spatial solutions. Helping establishments to re-open and people to travel, there are 5 startups that we see making a big impact on their industries. Read more:

Opportunities for startups

Startups across the world should seek opportunity in chaos and capitalise on the new trends to build the new normal. To know about opportunities for startups in a time of crisis, read the article:

These European tech startups 

Some European tech startups that are bringing solutions that encourage social distancing at various places. To know about the European tech startups will help you maintain social distancing effectively, read the article:


Startup Opportunity: Post Pandemic

With the pandemic across the globe, anything and everything needs a new start. Post pandemic new ideas and opportunities will be on the forefront to bring a better version. 

Startup culture and other businesses need to bring the best they can to serve the people. The entrepreneur will be working harder to grab every opportunity coming in the way to be back in the market.

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Is Your Startup in a Survival Mode to Manage COVID-19?

The world is reeling from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially posing danger to startups. To know more, read the article:

What opportunities lie ahead for startups

As businesses across the world get disrupted amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a ‘new normal’ is on the horizon. To know what opportunities lie ahead for startups and MSMEs in the post-pandemic world, click here:

Social Distancing Innovation

The entire social distancing has turned out to a new normal. Each of them practicing to normalize the pandemic state. The entire world is teasing the brain to come out with innovative ideas. 

Almost every sector and industry is busying planning innovative ideas to come back in the market. Tech, startup and all small and big businesses are doing their best they can be back on track.

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Amazon introduces 'Distance Assistant'

The company’s latest innovation provides real-time social distancing feedback. To know more, read the article:


Tech Startup: Social Distancing Innovation

Every startup and industry is coming up with Innovative ideas likewise, a tech startup is no way behind others. They too are busying building their business and getting ready to be back in the market.

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Startup develops wearable hand band

A startup, incubated at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K), has developed a wearable hand band that helps in maintaining social distancing by sending out alarm in case of proximity with another person. To know moore about this, click here:

4 tech based start-ups

Amidst fear during the time of pandemic, 4 leading apps are aiding people to maintain physical distancing in small scale reopening of malls, and offices to fight COVID-19 in India. To know more, read here:

AI technology helps in maintain social distancing

Startup Voxel51’s platform can monitor in-store traffic and identify when locations are busy. Read more:

Smart parking startup

To know how smart parking startup launches social distancing solution for malls, read the article:

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