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Coming out of the patriarchal society, we don’t always see many successful women until recently. But whenever we did, we can’t help but be in awe of such a woman and wonder how did she make it. As most men, never made it easy of any of them. So, it is needless to say that all those women we see out there basking in their glory have had the nerves of steel and the determination of a mountain. And in this post, we will get to know about one such strong lady who came through all the hurdles in life and conquered the battle she outlined in. She is none other than, Dr. Archana Dubey, the Global Medical Director at HP Enterprises and HP.

She is one such rare gem who has been successful in merging the world of medicine with the digital world. She is the combination of passion meets with the conscious decision-making ability to bring a positive change in mankind to inspire innovation and growth. So, let us get to know about the journey she made and the achievements she earned along the way.



Dr Archana Dubey



The Journey to Greatness

Having graduated from the University of California, Dr. Dubey carries with herself more than two decades of experience in the medical field. A pleasing personality, tons of enriching tales of her resourceful varied experience, she is one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs. Making a mark in the medical industry is a known challenge for men in general but being a woman hasn't stopped her from venturing into the pool of medical waves.

Her biggest passion is to provide medical care and she also has a strategy to solve her patients’ health issues. A remarkable healthcare professional, she delves deeper and understands the behavior of the patients and tries to merge the human connection with the digital platform to serve her subjects well.


PCA Program at Stanford University

She started her journey directing the Primary Care Associates Program (PCA Program) at Stanford University, collaborating with local health care centers and colleges and within 5 years of her career, she became the first ambassador of Stanford at Google. This high trajectory helped her to create an online search engine, HealDeal, for healthcare services. With the help of her team of healthcare and IT professionals, she served as the main PR spokesperson and also led the marketing team. With her diverging roles, she soon went on to find “Invent Health” to bridge the gap between investors, innovators, and health systems.


AiSquare - An Initiative of OpenGrowth.org

Apart from her in-house programs like “The Power of Prevention” for her employees and their families, she is also the co-founder of “AISquare” a non-profit organization. AiSquare is a destination for researchers and people interested in research to collaborate, promote interesting and innovative research and push forward the collective knowledge of the world. Currently, research is very scattered on different websites, and most importantly it is not accessible for most of the world’s population. AiSquare helps bridge the divide between normal people and super technical researchers, helping the everyday person understand properly what research is being done. This allows the world to develop further as research is disseminated faster.


A Step Ahead

Looking at her mission-led life, one can never go empty-handed. An inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs, she is a woman deserving to be applauded. She is quite active on social media platforms and shares inspirational posts often. She teaches aspiring medical students and also guides and advises new companies to make them viable and efficient in providing healthcare services.


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Contribution to Offering Free Health Screening

Her enormous contribution in offering free health screening of the employees and their families has proven her generosity and intention of serving mankind. She has volunteered in several platforms encouraging art, providing free education, conducting health fair drives, and screening uninsured patients.

Beyond all this, she intends to merge the technology with the way she works with her patients. Using AI, VR, and AR, she links to many patients with the same issues and tries to resolve them at a time. She intends to break boundaries soon by rebuilding a better human connection through her services.



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