Easy Hacks for a Fantastic Smelling Closet

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I can only vouch for myself when I say great-smelling closets keep your mood refreshed. But again, who does not love the rejuvenated feeling of great fragrance? Keeping your closet and drawers clean is not just a hygiene obligation but also crucial for mental peace. And it has excellent benefits for your clothes too! 

When you neglect your usual schedule of organizing your closet or stack your clothes hastily, you may get the musty smell from your wardrobe. Sometimes half-dried clothes add on to this smell. It not only damps your closet and other stuff inside, but it may also spoil the high-quality fabric of your apparel and accessories. Also keeping your shoes at bay is the first reminder even if you love shoes matchmaking! Let’s look at some of the easiest hacks for a fantastic smelling closet.


Great Smelling Closet

Air Fresheners or Perfumes

Always start with arranging your closet and the contents inside. Air fresheners take away the bad smells with one or two nozzle sprays and stay for a long time too. You can also use old car fresheners and stack them up with the clothes to have the fragrance lingering in your closet for a very long time! 

Perfumes are another way to boost the smell around your closet. Spray a little of your favourite perfume over a cotton ball and place the ball within to have yourself in an ambrosial closet.


Essential Oils

While the most preferred oil is vanilla, essential oils are an excellent catch for a good-smelling closet. The several varieties work well even to keep moths and insects away from your clothes. Add a few drops of them over the last wash in your machines to retain the smell or soak tissue paper bits in oil and place them inside the closet.





The easiest way to get rid of that pungent closet smell is to use soap bars. You can wrap a bar in a thin cloth and place it inside the closet. Every time you open the cabinet, the soap will bring its fragrance to you. However, remember not to put the soap bar directly, else it might damage the fabric in your clothes or stick to your accessories.


Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate, aka Baking soda, is a very common antacid used for many functions, such as for stain removal, to suck the moisture in, and keep the refrigerator fresh. You can use about two teaspoons of the soda and place it in a container to eliminate the mildew smell in the closet. It ensures a new smelling cabinet and drawer.


Rose or Lavender Pouch

There are super easy, cheaper, and innovative ways to keep your closet and drawers fresh and fragrant. So maybe try making a rose pouch or a lavender sachet? All you need is some fabric, a handful of rice, and the dried-up buds of your favourite flower! You will be making a DIY of an amazingly great-smelling sachet. You sew these fabrics with the rice and dried flowers and tie them at a hook inside your closet. You are good for weeks with that solid, refreshing smell.


Coffee Powder/ Beans

If you are a coffee lover, you must know that coffee has a strong smell that lingers for a longer time. It’s an excellent absorber of pungent odours. You can put some in a container with small outlets and place the container right in the closet. You will get not only a tremendous smelling closet but also an insect repellant to take care of your clothes.


Use Hangers and Separators

Many varieties of hangers are available that organize your clothes and absorb moisture to keep your apparel dry and fresh. Remember to not cut down on the cost of the hanger when you buy them. The cheaper ones can ruin the material of the cloth. Aromatic wooden hangers are the best for great smell, easy storage, and insect repellent. 





As fancy as it sounds, you can always find a bowl of potpourri in the living room of every household. You can DIY it. Use your favourite herbs like lavender, spearmint, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc., and blend in a sachet. Place these impressive pouch balls at the closet corners and recycle them every month. Not only it is a natural freshener but a better alternative to keep clothes moth free.



Although it smells pungent, vinegar is known to take out the musty smell in the closet. Ensure to use equal amounts of water with the vinegar in a spray bottle to sprinkle on your fabrics. Do a check on a used cloth to see if there is a reaction! The best trick is to turn your clothes inside out before giving a spray of the mixture.


Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is known to enhance the taste of dishes. However, have you tried using them in your closet? Charcoal is excellent in absorbing foul odours and taking off moisture. It purifies the whole closet area. Place it in a glass container and stuff it inside the closet or drawer. Reuse the block of charcoal by exposing it to sunlight for a few hours once in a while.




Proper Ventilation

The article mentions easy hacks for a fantastic smelling closet. However, there are several alternatives to keep your cabinets and drawers smelling fresh and dry. Chalks, used dryer sheets are some additional items that contribute to the idea too. You need not be an interior designer to keep your closet well organized. However, even before planning a great smelling closet, you must consider proper ventilation and arrangement of your stuff inside the closet. Having a great smelling closet is a paragon of cleanliness, and we must stay clean. Craig Brown puts it beautifully, “ Cleanliness is the scourge of art!”


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