Ella Jade- Woman Who’s Making Luxury Furniture Accessible For All

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Ella Jade’s family has been in the interior designing business for over 50 years now. At age 10 itself, she got interested in the family business of interior designing and business.

Ella went on to complete her degree in Business Management from Kings College London. 

In 2013, she launched her brand named “Ella Jade Interiors” in Harrods and gained a crowd of high society fans. But she wanted to create something that wasn’t just for upper-class society and that’s when she co-founded and launched ROOBBA in January 2020.

ROOBBA is a privately held consumer tech company with the mission of providing luxurious furniture at an affordable price. Ella Jade is now the CEO of ROOBBA.

She’s titled “The New Face of Interior Design” by the British Press.

Ella also appeared on the popular UK TV series called “The Apprentice” as a candidate.


How Did This Journey of Interior Designing Start?

Interior Designing Business has been running in her family for over 50 years now.

It all started when she was 10 years old, Ella’s family had a company that dealt with building luxurious bathrooms at the time and she began working in it, and since then-Interior Designing has become second nature to her.

Before she started ROOBBA, she had launched her first brand “Ella Jade Interiors” in Harrods(Harrods is a distinguished store where people from all over the world, especially London, come to buy luxurious furniture or get ideas for the interior design of the house.)



In Harrods, they focused on luxurious home designs or redoing the interior designs of the whole house.

Ella has been in interior design for over 15years now before she launched ROOBBA.


Idea Behind ROOBBA

In an interview with TechRound UK, Ella explained, “The idea for ROOBBA came when we had an ex-display sale with over 60% off and our customers were just purchasing whole room display sets to replicate in their homes.

We wanted to find ways of providing the same designs but for much more affordable prices. We found ways around the logistics, using technology to save costs, and passed these onto our consumers.

We then wanted to create a brand that was one to provide inspiration, ease of shopping, and become a lifestyle brand for our customers so they can go to us at any point of the journey.”


Challenges and Impact of Covid on the Retail Stores and E-commerce

In a podcast with PropTech TV, when Zain Jaffer asked her what is the impact of Covid on Retail stores, she said, 

  • “For all the small businesses who couldn’t open the store in time to sustain have been unfortunately closing down. E-commerce, though, has taken over the industry just like other industries. 

  • According to our research, our target audience was from age 25-45. Above that age, people do not really prefer buying online. But due to the pandemic, they have started buying online too when they were refurbishing their home, which most people are doing during this pandemic. So, the trust element of buying online has increased drastically after seeing their goods with appropriate quality.

  • The generation that preferred going to retail stores rather than shopping online will hopefully continue to buy online. This will result in broadening the e-commerce and online sector whereas people going into physical stores will decrease.”


How Did You Make the Luxury Furniture Affordable?

ROOBBA is currently an online luxury furniture store.

In an interview with PropTech TV, Ella said, “Earlier in the showrooms, people would say they loved the design but it’s too expensive for them. That made me think why only the people in the upper element get good designs, it should be accessible for all. And I started to think about the factors that were responsible for high prices, one of which was obviously huge overhead costs.

With ROOBBA, first of all, it’s online. Overhead costs are one of the major costs for the furniture industry and unfortunately, it passes on to the customers, increasing the price of the product. So, when it’s an on-demand online market like us, it cuts the overhead cost to a large extent.

Secondly, to be honest, which has generally been the case with the furniture industry, we don’t put high margins on our products. We don’t believe in that, we reduce our margins to ensure that the affordability to the customers prevails.”


How is ROOBBA different from other Furniture Stores?

With ROOBBA, you can shop by room, style, or look. Jade has created a design of a full living room, full dining room, or any particular room and you can essentially shop everything that you require for the room from ROOBBA.

Not many people can understand by scrolling through the internet what pieces would match together or suit their homes.

By going on ROOBBA’s website, you can visualise how your room or a particular section of your home would look like before purchasing. This makes it quite different from everyone in the market at the moment.



Recent Achievements

  • ROOBBA was featured in British Vogue and was called, “The ultimate destination for luxury affordable furniture.”

  • The Telegraph featured Ella Jade in their article where she talks about investing in consumer needs and ROOBBA.

  • Ella was added to the list of TechRound’s Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021. 

  • ROOBBA has been a part of Sage UK and was recently featured in Startups.co.uk

  • She’s been interviewed by some great names like TechRound and PropTech.


Happy International Women's Week! Because only one day isn’t enough to celebrate our Champions.


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