Entrepreneurial intelligence written by Allan Bonsall

  • 3rd Jun'20
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Four key factors that drive all entrepreneurs to success is defined in the book Entrepreneurial intelligence written by Allan Bonsall. The book draws insight on the approach of Australian coffee trailblazer, Phillip Di Bella.  Mr. Bonsall outlines the ultimate formula for entrepreneurial success by identifying four key principles of vision, passion, brand, and emotional intelligence. 

According to the author, The lifeblood of every developed nation is entrepreneurs, people who set out to build their own destiny and achieve fame and fortune still 30 percent all new businesses fail before their first year is finished, leaving many budding entrepreneurs to pose the question: why do some succeed, while others struggle to realize their dream?

 This book is about the formula that drove his success; the same formula that drives the success of every great entrepreneur. The formula is simply called entrepreneurial intelligence. It is required reading for any entrepreneur who wants to survive the cut, and prosper.


Read the book : Entrepreneurial intelligence written by Allan Bonsall. https://www.amazon.com/Entrepreneurial-Intelligence-Allan-Bonsall/dp/0975816799



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