9 Facts Women Entrepreneurs Know Better Than Men!

  • 24th Feb'22
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"You women entrepreneurs out there, blaze new paths and don't allow yourself to be restricted by outdated traditions." – Lisa Srao.

Women have come a long way from being oppressed to taking the power of their lives at homes and offices. But yet there is no end to the journey of facing disdain and favoritism at times. It's hard to ignore the stereotypical questions often put to women in business. However, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention; women evolve from their situations. Take a look at any successful businesswomen, and you will see the struggles they have faced to reach the top of the ladder. The inspiring tales of women like Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Oprah Winfrey and Indra Nooyi have proved that nothing in this world could stop a woman from pursuing her passion.


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So, what brings the best out in women? The challenges! They mold them to apply and develop unique skill sets and take them to places. By the end of this article, you will realize the gifts given to women makes them more efficient than their male counterparts.


9 Facts Women In Business Know Better than Men

1. Challenges Kill Fear

Early on, women in business face hardships to bring their ideas to the table, get acceptance from teams, and get approval from investors. This teaches them to face challenges head-on, and they do that without turning back. This is why in the world of male entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs have stepped on to take their positions and set the benchmark high.


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2. You either Grab A Chance or Lose it

Pitching an idea or initiating a conversation in a boardroom full of men takes a strong voice to be listened to. Women in business understand that they can grab the chance or lose it as no one will offer it to them. Their conviction to prove their worth empowers them and brings them the resources they need. They know how to walk their talk and vice versa without bending.


3. One Should not Settle for Less

As you must grab a chance and pursue your entrepreneurial passion, similarly as a women entrepreneur, you must never settle for less. Your worth is entirely dependent on your negotiation skills. Women often face backlash when they step up to make it big in their careers. In fact, getting funded by investors also requires women to be strong and ask for what they deserve. Many women-led businesses have succeeded when the women in power have made the right pitch and asked for the right investment. Falguni Nayar's Nykaa was a shining example when the company's valuation soared, and it made headlines by debuting in IPO.




4. Empower Self

People tend to ignore the minority and divert attention to either themselves or someone in power. Women in businesses understand this with sincerity and keep aiming for their goals without stopping. Women empowerment is the consequence of women taking themselves seriously at every phase of their lives (personal and professional). With that conviction, they make their own mark and build their own empires.


5. Seeking Knowledge from Youngsters is a Lifeskill

Well, some of us are so far from technology adaptation that we feel the need to seek assistance from tech-savvy colleagues. Not just that, in many instances, women in business face downslopes and need a mentor, guide, competitor, or a friend to pick them up and place them on track. And women entrepreneurs do not deny their lack of prudence over matters. They seek and accept the support when necessary compared to men, who are usually reluctant to open up.


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6. Knowing that Work-Life Integration is a Constant Demand

Instead of stressing over the work-life integration and getting things done for the heck of it, women in business understand that work-life balance is a constant demand. They take time off from their busy schedules to focus on their health and mental well-being. The remote work setup had spread its line of pros and cons, and women are known to evolve better from such challenges than their male counterparts.


7. Making a Name is more Important

Women entrepreneurs carve their paths with stepping stones and minor achievements as they start their entrepreneurial journey. They introspect on the situations to reach their destinations and hence are more thoughtful in their approach to lead through and build status and name for themselves. Women are known to be more driven than their male counterparts to achieve success in life.


8. Acknowledging the Value of Silence and Resilience

Influential women in business understand the importance of silence and resilience. They carefully evaluate when to endure something and when to adapt to circumstances (and emerge with more strength). They refrain from coming to conclusions without understanding things from the core of the matter.


9. Organizing is not just a Chore Technique

Women mostly are decent organizers. They stack their stuff in different compartments because that is how they practice clarity in their thoughts. Women in business understand that organizing is a core skill to possess if they need recognition. As they take on their roles, they become more efficient in facilitating meetings, building connections, and bringing leads.


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How Far Ahead?

It is safe to say that women can better mirror their life learnings and use them to grow. By making their way of the patriarchy, women in business knew how to turn the tide. That's the reason they aren't too far behind in giving tough competition to their male counterparts. And while we will always have some discussion about gender equality and pay parity, we can claim that the success of these women has been facilitated by progressive men. Look at the statistics of women-owned businesses and how they have evolved! As obstacles strengthen them, dedication and a positive attitude make women unstoppable, empowering and inspirational. So, what is stopping you?


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