Future of Public Transports

  • 9th Jul'20
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Transport is a derived demand, which means that people and goods don’t use it just for its sake, but for what it produces. Public transportation contributes to a healthier environment by improving air quality and reducing oil consumption. In order to contribute to the environment saving process, most of the people across the globe have shifted towards the use of public transport. Slowly and gradually, public transport has became a crowded means with overloaded commuters.


Public Transport During Pandemic


After the entry of COVID-19 pandemic, all the systems in the world has went upside down. Things have  experienced a minor setback and shifted from its original path. The same has happened with public transports during the pandemic. Earlier people used to think of environment and use less of private vehicles. Public transport was considered the best way to commute to workplace. But, the pandemic changed the whole scenario. 

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What is the future?


Once the world gets over this, everyone will rush to start off their normal lives. Schools, colleges, workplaces and what not! All the doors will be ready to welcome people back to their premises. But amidst all this process of getting back to normal, will the world get back easily to its normal daily behaviour? Will public places and public transports experience the same amount of crowd? What will be the scene of public transports post COVID-19?

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How to maintain physical distancing in public transport?


In the process, the world has adapted physical distancing as its new normal. Public transports were least used during the pandemic and people started using their private vehicles. This has opened doors of motor vehicle companies.  

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