Gender-Free and Gender-Neutral Fashion Brands

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"Products don't have a gender identity; our minds do." – Purushu Arie.

Does fashion have a gender? It never did, and it never will. Clothes we choose to wear are a personal choice, and it is our outfit ideas that make them gender-specific have become outdated. In this era of mix and match, we are fortunate to speak about this long due fashion inequality through a change in perception. Today we see many models, designers, influential fashionistas advocate the diversion from binary clothing. It may not be a big deal for some of you, but it is highly significant to address the efforts positively. 

Now, genderless clothing has nothing to do with masculinity or feminism; it's about dressing by choice. There are traditional markers for particular dresses, like a woman's blouse or a man's suit. It's time to revamp the floor and celebrate the styles personal to us. It only shows a greater connection to fashion, the love to dress up without any barriers. Several fashion brands are already on the way to pathbreaking innovation in designing unisex clothing. Here is a peek.


Gender Neutral Clothes


Top 10 Androgynous Clothing Brands


1. Kirrin Finch

Based in New York, USA, this brand makes menswear apparel for every gender. The organic raw materials and natural fabrics complete the look and feel of the clothing and give quality. The multicolor that speaks of brightness and positivity reflects in its finished products. It is one of the super brands to instill confidence and empower men and women alike through genderless fashion.


2. Girlfriend Collective

The brand, already famous for producing workout clothes from recycled water bottles, has successfully launched its new gender-neutral clothing line called For Everyone. It has hoodies, joggers, crewnecks and is available in different colors. Its headquarter is in Seattle, Washington.


3. Big Bud Press

It is the brand that celebrates the body like no other. It follows the principles of inclusivity and has clothes for every body type. The premium goods of sizes from XXS to 7XL are available here. From the unique logo prints to the trendy apparel, it's a one-stop for all your shopping. This California-based brand promises recycled fabrics that are homegrown and non-toxic dyes for its vibrant colors.


4. Origami Customs

The brand showcases different sets of clothing, from swimwear to accessories. Its known for its custom cut fits and ethical practices. It has partnered with locals for homegrown fabrics and uses home-sewn methods to carry orders. You can find a range of products like binders, bottoms, and other undergarments that are trans femme. What better way to celebrate inclusivity?


Gender Neutral Fashion


5. Official Rebrand

This New York-based brand has conceptualized the idea of building fashion from rags. It gives a new thoughtful design to clothing that was once unwanted. The brand makes it a point to display its unique prints of genderless people and quotes of freedom far from the fake societal norms. Catch hold of the trendy collection of tops, T-shirts, dresses, and other accessories.


6. Ijji

It is the brand that focuses on fashion and sustainability altogether. The garments are trendy, genderless, and are produced ethically with organic fabrics. The colorful combo of prints can create an ooze in your wardrobe. Get some super workwear and be the style icon of tomorrow.


7. Telfar

The slogan reads, Not for you, for everyone as you visit their website. This New York-born brand styles in a unique way that are classic, genderless, yet glamorous. From clothing to accessories to footwear, this is the best place to get trendy and uses a combination that showcases innovation through styling.


8. Pangaia

The name itself is a combination of syllables that translates to inclusivity and organic. So everything here is 100% organic, and for every buy, the brand makers make it a point to plant a tree. The materials are super-soft, comfy, and gender-neutral. The brand conceptualizes trends and works separately to positively change people's mental health through genderless produce, aiming towards a sustainable ecosystem.


9. Tibi

A fashion brand that edited looks and produced women's wear now stands out in style and trend. From checked blazers, poplin shirts to high-waisted pants and unconventional blouses, Tibi introduces its products to all genders alike. What's better than an inspired fashion sense that spells equality in every step?


10. Sixty Nine (69)

This LA-based brand has recently launched its collection, Denim for everyone, which focuses on producing unconventional clothing for every gender. The only thing that matters is comfort. You would also be amazed at the superficial names given to its line of clothing. Way to be weirdly trendy!


What's Next?

As brands pave the road for the whole fashion industry by giving away what was normal, gender equality seems more acceptable. The next step is to believe in the transformation and go on conquering the heights in all spheres. Fashion is where we have started, which is powerful to give us an outlook. Still, the breakthrough will be when the barriers of gender inequality dissipate from every other sector. That's when we will be free, literally with the future of fashion.


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