Geo-engineering the Planet: An Open Option

  • 23rd Oct'20
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We are running out of time to mitigate catastrophic atmospheric change. Thus, geoengineering's potential to stimulate conflict is likely to be substantial.


Human intervention with the climate system brings into the world as long viewed as an ill-advised and risky stride to slow down global warming. But with carbon emissions rising, initiatives to research and develop geoengineering technologies are gaining traction as a potential last resort.


All About Geo-engineering


Geoengineering is defined by the Oxford Geo-engineering Program as the purposeful large-scale intervention in the earth’s natural systems to neutralize climate change. There are two main types of geoengineering. One is shading the earth from solar radiation, of which the canopy of sulfates in the stratosphere is arising as the quickest, most effective, and least costly. Whereas, the other is to remove more CO2 or other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than nature currently achieves known as so-called negative emissions. 


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All about geoengineering:

What is geoengineering and why should we take care?

Geoengineering and climate change:


Geo-engineering Companies


Geo-Engineering companies provide engineering services. The company’s activities include the construction of industrial, energy, transportation, and municipal works; civil engineering projects; execution of foreign economic aid projects on behalf of the central government; interior decoration projects, and much more.


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Geo-engineering business:

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Geo-engineering: Pros and Cons


According to research, technology mitigates climate change. It could also help in developing countries to catch up economically, making the world a bit more impartial. Solar geoengineering is the intentional reflection of sunlight away from the earth's surface, which works to cool down the planet.


Here are some pros and cons of geoengineering, read the links to know more.

Geoengineering risks and benefits:

Pros and cons:


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