Google Maps to Display Number of COVID-19 Cases in a Location

  • 4th Dec'20
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As the end of this season is getting close, many people may be planning to have a journey to someplace. However, due to this coronavirus pandemic, it’s necessary to take precautions and comprehend the state of affairs of the region you’re visiting.


Google Maps showing COVID cases in an area

To assist you with that, Google’s Google Maps is rolling out new data associated with COVID-19 in a precise area. The app will now show the whole wide variety of cases and deaths until now and a 7-day report indicating if the numbers are rising or reducing. Also, you’ll additionally get admission to nearby rules, restrictions, and facts related to trying out centers.


Google Maps will show all-time detected COVID-19 cases in a region and links to local, authoritative sources from the COVID layer. This will assist you to make a selection if you choose to cancel or put off your journey. In August, the organisation rolled out a function that lets you locate hotels permitting free cancellation all through the pandemic. Later in September, Google added a COVID-19 layer in Maps to help humans in discovering containment zones.



Google Maps listing

Google Maps listing is a vital marketing tool for your company. It can help you get noticed by new consumers, stand out above competitors, and create more jobs all, that too for free.


But these advantages are possible if your listing has huge visibility. Also just because your company is listed in an area does not primarily indicate that Google will automatically rank it for searches in that area. Read more about How to Get Your Business Rank High on Google Maps at OpenGrowth.


Google Maps is additionally launching out its crowdedness function global to point out congestion on a public transportation ride. This data is primarily based on real-time data from app customers onboard a bus. It’ll assist you to keep away from a single trip and capture the subsequent one to maintain social distancing. Both aspects are rolling out to Android and iOS Maps customers globally in the coming weeks.


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Google Uses Recycled Materials from 2020 in All Its Products

Google says it is working toward reaching zero-waste-to-landfill certification at all of its assembly manufacturing sites by the end of 2022, which means that the majority of waste from those works will be recycled. 


Google has also renewed its basic objective and committed to using recycled or renewable technologies and products in at least 50 percent of all daily plastic used across all products and sectors of Google by the end of 2025. 


It will look forward to keeping all shipping of Google hardware to and from the candid consumers so that it can reach 100 % carbon neutral. Bourne stated that the new agreement establishes the bar beyond industry norms. Read more about Google Now Uses Recycled Materials in All Its Products at OpenGrowth.


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