Guide to Link COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate with Passport

  • 29th Jul'21
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As expected, the pandemic had a catastrophic impact on the travel industry. The estimated decline in international tourism was at the loss of 1 billion arrivals. The domestic tourism sectors met with more oversized adverse shocks. While the tourism industry's recovery globally will take time, travel restrictions are getting waived off in many places. It is due to the ongoing vaccination drive that’s gaining momentum day after day. However, to travel abroad during Covid-19, individuals will have to carry an assurance mandate certificate ensuring they are vaccinated successfully.

Following the footsteps of the latest travel guidelines, the path-breaking Co-Win portal has created an option that will make the paperwork easy for you. Through this portal, you can link their vaccination certificates to their passport numbers. 

Any confusion in completing the linking procedure? 

For this, you can check this Step by Step Guide to Link COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate with Passport below:


CoWIn App


Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Log in to the website mentioned above with the help of OTP received on your registered number.

Step 3: Choose the “Raise an Issue” button.

Step 4: Under the “Raise an Issue” button, you will find the “Click on the Passport” option. Click on it.

Step 5: Go to the drop-down menu and select the person.




Step 6: Fill in your passport number correctly.

Step 7: Submit the application

Step 8: Collect the new certificate that shows up in seconds after you have applied.


Name Error


Note that if the name on the passport and the certificate don’t match, you can request a name change. However, you can only make one request for a name change. Therefore, you should be highly cautious while entering the details to link the Covid-19 vaccination certificate with your passport. Also, if you are not sure about your travel destination then check our Bucket List 2021 for some ideas.


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