Harness Digital Tech for Inclusive Health Care

  • 14th Jan'21
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Digital health technologies

“Health is wealth.” This proverb is regularly fed up in our minds from early childhood. We are taught good and healthy habits to follow or else, are taken to see a doctor. Healthcare organizations meant a hospital building or a nursing home with doctors and nurses and health workers.

But wait! With the regular up-gradation of facilities and services of every sphere, how could healthcare organizations be left behind. Technology entered the healthcare system as well and is digitally making things easier. 

Digital health technologies

Visit at below links to know of digital health technologies:

Top 5 digital health technology

Digital health offers tremendous benefits within the medtech industry’s reach. To know top 5 digital health technology, click here:

Top Five Digital Health Technologies

Digital technologies are constantly evolving and finding new applications in healthcare. To know about top 5 digital health technologies, read here:

Digital transformation in Healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare is the positive impact of technology in healthcare. To know about digital transformation in Healthcare in 2021, read the article:


Digital transformation


Training of health workers

Digital tech can also be used to train health workers, especially in this pandemic situation where there is no other option than a virtual connection. With the outbreak of Corona Virus disease, physical treatment and meeting with the patient are quite difficult. In most of the cases, where the patient is not in serious condition, health organizations try mentoring them virtually. 

Doctors are sometimes familiar with technology and use it in healthcare. But now, health workers are trained with more advanced technologies to allow them in contributing to the situation more adequately.

Training of health workers

Read below to know about the training of health workers with the help of digital tech:

Digital technologies for health workforce development

Digital health has the potential to improve the efficiency of the health workforce, advance quality health services coverage, and enable better health outcomes. To know more, read here:

Using technology to train health workers

To know about the use of mobile technologies to train community health workers in low- and middle-income countries, click here:

How tech is helping nurses

To know in detail how tech is helping nurses, click here:


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