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  • 7th Mar'21
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“Travel only with thy equals or thy betters: if there are none, travel alone”- Buddha

Travel makes a forever imprint on our hearts. This is the reason people wish to travel far and wide. It gives us enriching experiences, makes us a better version of ourselves. That’s why we count on good travel memories.

Keeping up with this thought, our young influencer launched a new solo female travel app, Amica in early 2021. This is an app designed for women, by women. Users can sign up to the App and based on their shared interests and preferences on culture, age, distance, food, drinks, activities, etc can get recommendations to connect with like-minded people. This not only gives a good company to create a fun travel diary but also empowers women to travel solo and create meaningful friendships along the way.






How Amica was created?

The idea of Amica was generated only when Heera had found herself in a tough situation a year back when she planned her travel. She did not have the confidence to take on a solo trip but talking to other women with mutual interest encouraged her to leap. It also made her realize how such situations are faced by many women.

Her aspirations also come from looking at the travel chart where solo traveling is a boon to many people especially women. Nearly 50% of women prefer solo traveling which is about 3.3 average number of women prefer to solo travel compared to that of 1 male. Solo travel is a means to experience freedom, independence, and new opportunities. Whether it is a business trip, a spontaneous holiday, a pilgrimage, a spiritual trip, a first-time trip, women are digging into the world of solo travel to get enriching experiences.


Safety First

The anticipation of planned adventures has not let the app stray away from the most important concern i.e the safety of women. The app employs a proper and rigorous security check which involves video verification. It tries to protect the authenticity and the mission of the establishment which is to give the users a unique experience of connecting with people.

The pandemic has encouraged the founder and her team to build an online platform called “The Travel Plug” which has new guidelines and restrictions given in a way that is easily accessible to new travel aspirants. Also, women exchange their experiences, giving a first-hand insight about top destinations, what routes to avoid or take, solo travel tips, etc. It has encouraged women to become more open and create a great network of trust and friendship. The app has weekly updates on the current state of the travel world.


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Peeping Into The Future

Heeral has an ideal plan to expand her brands Amica and The Travel Plug to global communities and forums. She aims to cover up every city so that there are bigger connectivity, trust-building, and greater experiences. Her expansion plans can be mirrored to a dating app but the significance here will be compatibility. The users will be ensured to establish common grounds before a meeting, however, the choice and power would be in the hands of the woman.

Building up a platform for the convenience of women, Heeral not only sets high the standard of entrepreneurship but also pours in encouragement to the budding entrepreneurs. She works full time on her job and thereafter on the development of her app. From the ground level, she is training herself hard and harsh. It’s important to set boundaries and to balance between work and play.



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