Here is all that you need to know about start up financing in Europe

  • 21st Jan'21
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Business Startup Loan – Europe

Startup financing at the early stage has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Five years ago the vast majority of startups had to rely on FFFs and business angels to give the necessary capital to launch their startups, but these are no longer the only options available to entrepreneurs and investors. Europe is proving to be a true hub of global entrepreneurship and the practice of capitalizing in startups is rapidly shifting to be more accepted. As more players arrive, the space and recent financing vehicles are established and adopted.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Startup Funded by the European Union


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EU Grants For Small Businesses

Grants are typically awarded for achieving recommendations after a call for compliances. These submission calls are usually in-line with particular social, economic or infrastructural purposes that have been set by the European Union. So if the EU is concentrating on facilitating renewable energy, it might offer grants to businesses that are evolving new technologies. 

Grants for suggestions typically decline into one or more of the following classifications: 

  1. Regional and urban development

  2. Employment and social inclusion

  3. Agriculture and rural development

  4. Maritime and fisheries policies

  5. Research and innovation

  6. Humanitarian aid 


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EU loan Programme

The EU gives funding in the aspect of loans and grants for a broad span of projects and programmes covering areas such as education, health, consumer protection, environmental protection and humanitarian aid. EU-supported loans and venture capital are accessible to and for companies of any size and region. The EU gives financial support and ensures that local banks, business investors and venture capitalists can easily give you money or invest in your business. 


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Across the European Union, there are several programs, grants and government-backed loans for small and medium businesses. This article is to inform the European entrepreneurs and startup founders  about  the funding opportunities available to them other than venture capital. 



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